Letters from Tribes


Here are 3 letters written from tribal people groups in Papua New Guinea to a missionary alumni with NTM.

The Anu People

“Dear Brad Buser,
Hello, good morning. I’m Eipen Eino, I’m the leader of the Anu village. Now I’m carrying a big heavy about getting a missionary…please us dark ones of Anu are truly afraid for our lives. I’ve also got a worry for my friends here who live in darkness. So then I’ve got this worry…are you able to come and wash my eyes so I can see or not? Do you ones have a worry for those of us in the dark or not? I think we stink like rotten meat or what? Is that why you send no one to plant a seed in our Anu place? This is not new, for 18 years we have carried this heavy for nothing.”

Eric Kaisoa

“I am Eric Kaisoa
I’m speaking for my people again. I’m writing again for the 7th time to ask if you will come to my village or not. If you’re willing to come then please in the name of Jesus we want someone to really come and learn our language. We’re continuing to demand this. The people are saying that you must come. I’m saying this again. I think you all didn’t get my first 6 letters. If not, alright, now is my 7th letter. I’m writing again, it really must bear fruit. The people are truly crying for a missionary and for God’s talk. Plenty of my letters asking for missionaries have been wasted. Now I’m asking you to return a letter to me now. In the name of Jesus please return a letter quickly. I just want a missionary. I’m just wasting my money on these pens and paper, they don’t bear fruit. This one must produce the fruit right. Thanks you. God bless you and me too.”
By Eric Kasisoa

The Isahu people

“Yes, I am writing because I have some thing with you ones. I have a big worry that I am not sure what will happen with death comes. I have heard from the other tribe that has the mission that they know now, I am sorry for myself though that I do not know. I worry for my life, so I am asking that you will send the mission (NTM) to my village.
The men and women of Isahu village we are very hungry for this talk that it will be in our bellies. Please have pity on us. In all other places of the ground we have heard that they have the talk of God but us ones of Isahu are still standing without, we have nothing. I have heard of others hearing this talk in other villages but this talk is not in Isahu yet. So please send some to learn our language and teach us this talk so we can know it too.
Please have pity on our lives, we don’t know what will become of us when death is on us. So I am asking with a big strong request that you will come to us and teach us of this talk. This is the road that I have heard will be heard, that is why I have sent this letter to you bossmen of NTM. Our language is nor hard here in Isahu, please come.
Good morning to you ones. I am Aiben Awanhi of Isahu Village.”

The Sabimin People

“To: Brad Buser
Yes, brother Brad, now I’m here writing to you, do you remember our talk? Our meeting? You are a leader, you must listen well. If you’re a real leader you’ll help us, that is why we’re talking to you. Are you a trick leader or what? … If you are a leader, listen to us ones of Sabamin. We try and try but you don’t listen… Are you of God or crazy? Everywhere in every place the talk of God is there… Why not us? Talk to the leaders of your church and send us someone. Don’t give your backsides to us, are you clear on what I’m saying here or not? We have a huge desire for a missionary to come and live in our village and jungle. I’m Alus Nekibisap the writer”

The Sinou People

“What’s going on? Where is our help? Have you forgot about us? We of Sinou have not forgot about wanting a missionary, we carry a huge heavy constantly about this. We carry this heavy cause we fear for our lives. We know that the Bible says that you should come and tell us. Us dark ones need it… how will we go to God’s place if not? Only those who know will go, how will we know if no one teaches us? That is the whole of my worry, we want a missionary now to give us God’s talk.”

The Weku People

“Yes I am writing to the bossmen that are in NTM, I am checking again about the letters I have written. What’s going on with your thinking? I think you are getting tired of the letters we have written. You must be thinking like this, the road to hear the talk of God it is just for you ones, that’s why you haven’t sent anyone to us in Weku.

Please, we are hungry for the true true talk, we are not saying this with two mouths. Our thinking really desires to know this talk. So I ask with a big heart, please, you the bossmen of NTM tell us what you think of sending someone to us. Please write and tell us you bossmen, we are waiting and waiting.

I am Jaspe of Weku village and that is all my talk.”


Each of these next 7 letters came from the same village. Truly the harvest is plentiful, ripe, and ready. 

Isahu Village #1

“I want to tell you this message. Whenever you send letters to Aipen Awonki, you also read these letters that I, Erick Weno, write. I constantly help my wife’s relatives, I support them. It is as though my wife’s place is mine. Yes, you know me, Erick Weno V.H.V. If you respond, the letter must get to me.

All of my wife’s relatives do NOT know the talk of God, and my wife herself does not know God’s talk (the gospel). She does not know the Siawi language. Therefore my wife only speaks her own tribal language, that is Isahu.

That message is all that I, Erick Weno, have. Thank you. Good Sunday afternoon. God bless you two.

Isahu Village #2

“I want to notify you that now I have an illness. I am the man writing this letter to you. I have come down with a big illness and this illness of mine is saying such now that I do not know where death will take me. I am really concerned for myself. If I get the head talk and the beginning talk (the gospel teaching) then it will be alright with me. I often see people go to church because the talk of God came to them. But I do not have, it has been this way since before. How God exists, I do not know. I know how ground got there. For this reason alone, I write this letter to your leaders of —-. All of us men and woman of Isahu desire missionaries to come to our place of Isahu. The method of —, I desire only the beginning talk and the head talk must come!

I am Aipen. That is all. My message is finished. Thank you for reading my letter.

Thank you leader Keli Laindak

Isahu Village #3

Dir Sir —

I want to get (specific organization missionary). I desire one mission. I am asking you all to give missionaries to me! I constantly desire God’s talk but it must come to me. Please pity me! Continually, any men and woman die and go to the place of fire (hell). Hence our concern that the talk of God must come to us!

I keep hearing that the Siawi know the beginning talk and head talk (the gospel). I too desire this talk – it must come to me! The men and woman of Isahu desire the head talk and beginning talk in my own language. Some places worship God, but I do not have it! This is what engulfs the thoughts of all of us Isahu. The talk of God in my heart language! I am greatly concerned for my life and that is why I am writing this letter. I hear that people who believe go to heaven and heathen go to hell. This talk alone is distressing me and making me cry. I desire the talk of God must come inside the place of Isahu. I think that is the only reason and concern of mine.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Isahu Village #4

Dear Kit. I am Aipen Awonki.

I am truly sorry for the real me (my soul) when I die. When will I go now? Whose fault will it be me or will in the end when God judges you along with me, my dad and mom, and my brother? We have worked on writing letters back and forth to you and they have already died! Only I am left now and my relatives who have helped me write these letters to you all have already died!! They have gone and still wait for you! For what reason is it that you do not want to send even on missionary to come to me? That is all. Thank you.

Isahu Village #5

I want to talk with you about my letters this way. I am really desperate for the talk of God and thus write letters to come to you. It is the same message. The talk of God MUST come to the place of Sahu. The men and woman of Isahu do not know the talk of God!

I am Aipen. I came to the Siawi Bible dedication. The Siawi were rejoicing for the Bible in their own language. I saw it and cried. I want this kind of thing to happen in my place – will be alright. When you answer my letters, you need to send it in the hand of Erick Weno V.H.V — He helps me write the letters to you. Thank you. Good night. God bless you.

Isahu Village #6

Please. Please (I am begging you), can you stop the tears of our village? Please…Where is my soul/spirit going when I die? If my soul/spirit goes to Hell who’s fault is that? And what do you think, will there be a chance in Heaven too or no? So, if I die first, I’m going to go and wait for you there, and what will you have to say to me there! What do you have to do to get into heaven?

Are you going to take the souls of all (us) people with you or are you just going to go by yourself?

I’m not asking you to come and clear an area for a garden and plant seeds. You just come to plant seeds cause I’ve got the garden prepared already!

Please, this letter of request is coming from the lost man.

Idam People, Isahu Village

Isahu Village #7 

I want to talk to you about something I’ve been thinking about. What it is – I really want/need God’s talk to come here to me. The (church organization) here is not helping me (I am not understanding them) and so I really want a missionary to come here. (Their teaching in) Tok-Pisin (the trade language) is not helping me…so I want it in my heart language! The are teaching in Pidigin and (we) don’t understand it well. My name is Ivan Awonki from Isahu village and God’s talk is not here. Definitely not!

We are still just like lost me. God’s talk has gone out everywhere…but not here to us! So for this reason I want a missionary himself to come here and teach me in my heart language! I am thinking of/concerned for the lives all the people here in Isahu.

Is God only for the white men?! Please have compassion on me…I really want to hear God’s talk. God’s promise/command says that His good news/command is to go everywhere in the world. What does God’s promise/command say in His book? He says that His promise and good news must go everywhere in the world. So please, you white men must obey God’s command! I don’t know of God’s mercy/compassion. I don’t understand Jesus and the Holy Spirit and what they do. You are the man in charge of (missionary organization). Have compassion on me, Ivan. Please answer me/my letter. Thank you for looking at my letter.

Ivan Awonki – Isahu Village


Here are PDFs of a few of the letters above that you are welcome to download, laminate, and use.

Tribal Letters – Anu People
Tribal Letters – Eric Kaisoa
Tribal Letters – Sabamin People
Tribal Letters – Sinou People
Tribal Letters – Fingerprints

8 Comments on “Letters from Tribes

  1. Don’t worry about Eric Kaiswa’s letter… My team and I got that one covered! Sharing the gospel in his village 2016 or 2017. 👍🏾

      • I would definitely have to agree with Mark! Wow. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for going.

  2. This letters stir me with great great compassion!! I am in missions for 20 years.. How can we take hands and help?
    Rita Mare

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