Project Catalog

We have put together a list of items that we will be looking to purchase in 2015 and 2016. If you feel led to support our ministry in this way, please browse this page and choose a gift that you would like donate towards.

For a tax-deductible donation, you can donate here with a note saying “For Mark & Lauren D. – airplane tickets” (or whatever project you are donating to).

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Transportation & Travel

Airplane tickets, ($3000 – $6000) and 2 extra bags ($500), Three one-way flights from SFO to Asia-Pacific.

Motorbike ($1,500) & Riding Course ($582), We are starting to save up for a Honda Vario which will become our family vehicle.

Travel Immunizations – ($1,709) for all three of us, including Typhoid, Td booster, Rabies, Hep A, and Hep B.

Regional Visits, (c), during our first year in Asia-Pacific, we will be making several 2-3 week trips to different regions to help us determine an area of service.

 Language Learning Expenses


Language School ($3,500.00), $200 per person to register and $250 per month per person for a total of 3-6 months.

Visa Application ($305) and Student Visas ($3,330.00), $1,650 per year for our family.

 House Set-Up

Appliances, furniture, and household items


Appliances, furniture, & household Items – ($1,500.00): Beds, dishes, oven, fridge, soap, washer, shelves, towels, curtains, trash cans, you name it we have to buy it when we get there!


Water filter – $310.00, We will be needing a gravity water filter with ceramic filter candles to clean our drinking and cooking water.


Tools, We will need to buy all of our tools after we arrive.

House items to buy and bring








Medicine – Some medicines are not available there:


Medical Supplies
Doppler $350
Urinalysis test strips $9.00
18 gauge needles $1 for 5
AED $999.99
pinard horn $10.00
Hemoglobin meter with test cards $230.00
DeLee suction catheter $3.00


Clothes – We will be bringing with us a four year supply of underwear, socks, and basic clothing for our whole family.





Kindle/Olive Tree books:
Basic Theology by Ryrie, Kindle, $14.87
Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Olive Tree,


Homeschool supplies:


If you would like to donate any of the items, please let us know!

 Amazon Wish List

You can also find most of these items on our Amazon wish list: Our Packing Wish List for Asia-Pacific

For those want to spoil Leo, we have a separate list here of ‘wants’ for him: Leo’s Wish List

If you purchase items through this link, we will receive a percentage back from Amazon! Or you can also use this link so we can benefit from your Christmas shopping, birthday gifts, school supply list, and more!