Partner with us financially.

Our organization is a faith-based which means that all employees are required to raise 100% of their own support needed to live overseas. In faith each one looks to the Lord for provision of their financial needs.

Our support comes from churches, small groups, families, and individuals, who believe the Lord is leading them to partner with us financially.

If you are interested in supporting us monthly or desire to help out with a special gift, you can read about the different ways to give below! Thank you so much for partnering with us! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Ways you can give:
+ Online
+ Credit Card
+ Electronic Funds Transer
+ Phone
+ Cheques or Money Orders

Give Online: You can safely give online through our NTM profile by using a credit card card. If you’re Canadian, please visit here (due to transaction fees for credit cards, we pay around 4 percent of your total gift). If you’re American, please visit here (due to transaction fees for credit and debit cards, we pay 2.2 percent of your total gift).

Give by Electronic Funds Transfer: There is no transaction fee for using EFT, meaning we will receive your entire gift. If you’re Canadian, please visit here. If you’re American, please visit here.

Give By Phone: To give by phone with a credit card, please call 1-519-369-2622 if Canadian, or 866-547-2460 if American. Credit card transaction fees apply.

Give By Cheque: To mail your gift, it may be sent to this address:

If you are Canadian:
New Tribes Mission Canada
Box 707
Durham, Ontario
N0G 1R0


If you are American:
New Tribes Mission
1000 E. First St.
Sanford, FL 32771-1487

Gifts to us are eligible for tax deductible receipts only if made payable to “New Tribes Mission” with a note stating this gift is towards our ministry.

Here are some links for FAQ and information about NTM’s accountability.

What is our needed support level?

We are currently at 93% of the recommended support level for Asia Pacific.

Our recommended monthly support level is broken up into three major categories: living expenses(groceries, rent, transportation, education, etc.), — expenses (travel, passport fees, equipment, etc.), and personal expenses (taxes, health insurance, retirement, etc.).