When we are going.

On January 1, 2013 we became official missionaries of New Tribes Mission of Canada. We are currently serving on staff at the Missionary Training Centre as part of their Mobilization team.

We are also currently in a pre-field preparation known as “Ministry Partnership Development“, which involves serving local churches and looking for the Lord to bring individuals and churches into ministry partnership. On the financial partnership side of things, we have about 28% of support to raise to reach 100%.

We are also waiting for our son, Leo, to have a open-heart surgery known as the Double Switch Procedure. His cardiologist told us they would like to wait till he is at least 6 months of age, and they will want to monitor his heart for a while after he recovers from surgery. Our desire is to raise our financial support while we wait so that once we get the okay to go from Leo’s doctors, then we can leave for the field.

Lauren has applied for her Canadian Permanent Residency, which the current waiting period for the application to be processed is 14 months.

We are hoping to depart for Asia-Pacific in late 2015.

Here a projected timeline of how long it (planting a church) could take and what we might be doing during those times, if this it was the Lord has planned for our lives:

Why was training so important? Why didn’t we go to the tribe sooner?

Watch this video to understand the importance of training.

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