WOW, what a week it’s been, and we’ve only just begun!

On Sunday, Feb 5, 2017, around 2am, Lauren went into labor.

We stayed at home as long as we could but around 3pm we headed into the birthing center.

By 5pm her contractions were enough that she couldn’t “talk through them” and by 10 pm she was still not able to begin pushing.


The midwives here were incredible and did such a great job but around 11:30, even with nitrous oxide, Lauren was in so much pain and was asking for an epidural.

A few times near the end, Talia’s heart rate was down and the doctors and midwives together said things were looking like they’d be leading to an eventual c-section.


We began moving to the OR around 12am and by 1:27am Talia was officially born.

She weighed 8lbs 9oz and was 21.5 inches long.


I can honestly say I’ve never watched anyone work as hard as Lauren did the other day. I think I’ve lost the right to ever complain about anything. Despite being in constant pain/tired Lauren was still smiles and thumbs up.


I have to say that if you or your spouse are pregnant you NEED to find a doula. We are blessed with a family of certified doulas but this was my first time actually seeing them in action. I don’t know what I would have done without our doula from Pickles and Ice cream Doulas. Seriously, guys, they are worth every cent. Even if your wife doesn’t need a doula, hire one to help your husband! We will never do another birth without one.

Thank you all so much for praying through this with us. We are so grateful that we can share this new life with you all.

Love and gratitude

Mark :- D

What we’ve done lately

We get asked a lot about what our last month overseas was like, and what we’ve been up to lately. I decided the easiest way to answer those questions was to make a quick video.

The Prambanan

VLOG 13 | Bows and Arrows

While visiting a region Mark had the opportunity to learn how to make bows and arrows straight out of the jungle.