VLOG 12 | Heavy Culture

While out getting presents for our neighbors we encountered a rather “heavy” culture experience.

A young woman in the back of the store was weeping and after a few moments of hearing this we realized she was holding her dead, or extremely ill child. A group of ladies quickly ushered her out of the store in search of a doctor, but it’s hard to say exactly what happened after that.

It’s hard to express the deep sadness that was felt in the store. It’s hard to see things like this go on and yet be unable to help. Life and death are very foreign in our home countries with things like 911 and emergency rooms so readily available, but here is different matter. Please don’t forget those who live in the parts of the world less medically fortunate.




One Comment on “VLOG 12 | Heavy Culture

  1. Thanks for the vlog; harsher realities of life can be pretty near the surface at times. Good reminder that those things are true all the time whether we see them or not. Store reminded me of Mirota Batik.
    I checked out your previous vlog as well – “Don’t Fall.” Absolutely sick footage. I’ve climbed a coconut tree before but I was too scared to do much and did not climb into the branches. That guy did amazingly well in any number of ways.

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