Vlog 10 | A Village Experience


5 Comments on “Vlog 10 | A Village Experience

  1. Great job on vlog # 10 Lauren! Thanks for sharing a little of what you are doing and learning. You’re still in our prayers.

    • Thanks Lee, We really appreciate your prayers, support, and friendship. I (mark) think of you often while driving on the crazy roads here. It’s amazing that only a little over a year ago I’d never driven a motorcycle and (largely thanks to you) I am a rider for life! Thanks again. We really miss you

  2. Great job on vlog #10. It’s great to see and hear what you’re doing and learning. You’re in our prayers! 🙂

  3. Just watched your vlog on the mountain-top breakfast. Can’t tell you how homesick and jealous that made me!!! At the same time it’s so cool to see people still enjoying the same outings that we loved so much during our last term on the SOCT. Java just rocks, and bikes make it even better! Pretty cool to see DJ Searcy there; they came after we left.
    shane whatley

    • people here still talk about you often. I (mark) have been working with some of the guys here and they all remember fondly and talk about Pak Shane.

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