A Drop in the Bucket

We are so excited to finally be here in Asia-Pacific, learning the national language and culture. We are so thankful that the Lord has brought us here and we are excited to someday be living and working interior.

While we learn more about this incredible region, we are also seeing such an incredible need for more team members. As we hear about how many unreached people groups are in this region of the world, we feel like we are just a drop in the bucket. The task is enormous. It can feel overwhelmingly impossible.

But, as we are reminded from our training, we were sent here by the God of the impossible. The God that cares so much for every people group and every individual on this earth and desires that they all come to place their faith in Christ’s work on the cross. Seeing the need and knowing God has equipped us, motivates us to work harder in our language studies and keeps our eyes on the task ahead.


We know that, if we are faithful and obedient, that the Lord will use us in His work. It isn’t our job to save people, but to be seeking the Lord in all things and bringing glory to Him through our obedience in our daily lives.

We are writing this to say, that now being here in Asia-Pacific, we realize even more so how many laborers are needed. We humbly ask that you would pray for the Lord to bring more team members to reach the unreached around the world, but also to Asia-Pacific. We have a list of team members, especially national team members, asking for more people to come and help. We have lists of people groups asking for people to come. And currently, the field of Asia-Pacific is looking for more families to come to Asia-Pacific this July and November to begin learning the language and culture with hopes of moving interior.


Please pray for these needs. Please pray to see if the Lord has you here involved in missions on the field. Whatever your engiftment or skill set, I’m sure the Lord will use you here mightily! We couldn’t do this without our team members back home, but it sometimes feels like there are so few people here on the field. If you’d like to know more information, we’d love to Skype or chat via e-mail.

If you are a family or individual with NTM who has finished raising support in Ministry Partnership Development and are looking for a field to go to, please contact us or Asia-Pacific! We have slots available in July and November, as well as housing, language helpers, etc. We just need you! We will pray with you that the Lord finishes raising up the support you need and if this is where He would have you.



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