First week of language lessons

Today we had our 5th language lesson, and I am just amazed at how incredible the human brain is. I often find myself wondering, “How can our brains memorize all these words?” I really am appreciating the methodology of our language learning here. I’ll try to write about it sometime, but today I thought I’d share a little about the language we are learning.

The national language here is really fascinating, and I enjoy listening to it. I don’t know much of it yet, but from what I’ve heard I’m excited to someday be able to converse fluently in it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 8.43.29 PM.png

Because of the country’s unique history, the language has lot of “imported” words. For example, the word for furniture is ‘furniture’, oven is ‘oven’, and lamp is ‘lampu’. Pretty simple, except that it’s pronounced completely different from English. ‘Furniture’ is pronounced furr-NEE-turr not FUR-nah-ture. Oh, and for our Dutch friends, there are also many Dutch words that have been imported. Like the word for sink/’wastafel’ and carrot/’wortel’.

Some difficult words for me to hear and reproduce are the words for purple/’ungu’, paint/’cat’, gold/’emas’, and bat/’kelelawar’. ‘Ungu’ sounds like oo-oo, ‘cat’ sounds like cht, ’emas’ sounds like mmm-mas, and ‘kelelawar’ is just hard to say (for now).

There are a lot of fun things we are learning about the national language. This includes how they make some words plural. Most of the time it is by taking the singular noun for something, like ant/’semut’ and just say it twice. So if you want to say ants you can say ‘semut-semut’.

Also fun to learn was that sky is ‘langit’ and ceiling is ‘langit-langit’, and wardrobe is ‘lemari’ and refridgerator is ‘lemari es’ (or literally translated, ice wardobe).


Hope that makes sense. I just thought it was interesting and wanted to pass it on! Thanks for praying us through our first week of language study! God is so good to us and Christ is so worth it!


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