MK Life – Transitioning into the e2 Life

Leo is loving the missionary kid life so far, though it is taking him a while to adjust in some areas. I thought I’d post a list of his new favourite things:


  • Riding in the front seat of a van without a seatbelt.
  • Buying a toddler-sized helmet and riding motorcycles.
  • Sugar ants. He finds them in our house, puts them on his arm, and says sweet things like, “This is my friend” “He’s so little and cute!” “Don’t worry ant, you are safe, I’ll take care of you!”
  • The geckos that live on his bed. He has asked me to put lizard food on the grocery list.
  • Riding the local bus. He even knows the special hand signal to wave them down.
  • Talking to people on the bus. He already tells people, “Nama says Leo”/“My name is Leo”, and “baik baik sedje” which I’m not really sure means yet.
  • Playing with the kids in our neighborhood. This incudes throwing balls and chasing chickens.
  • Getting to know other MKs his age.


  • Our neighbors. He is getting a little spoiled by the people who invite us into their homes and give Leo whole packets of cookies to devour.
  • Babies. Leo loves all the little babies in our area.
  • New creatures… like bats, snails, ants, geckos, etc.
  • New foods. His favourite so far is “ayam sate” which is kind of like a chicken shish kabob and “buah naga” or dragon fruit.


Leo has been having a hard time getting use to everyone touching his face and hair, taking photos with him, and not being able to understand what people are saying and not having people understand what he is trying to say. He also misses his lightsaber toy, riding his bike with his grandparents, and his friends from church in the States.

Leo on motorbike

As you can see, there have been a lot of changes and discoveries these past two weeks, but Leo is really enjoying living in our new home! Thank you for praying for Leo as he transitions to life as a missionary kid!


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