We’ve arrived in Asia-Pacific!

After 30+ hours of driving and flying, we finally arrived in Asia-Pacific this past Friday. We can hardly believe we are here and we have enjoyed our transition so far (well, besides the bout of food poisoning).

Leo loves his new room and his new bed. He especially is fond of the little cicak/lizard that lives in his room and has requested that we buy lizard food to feed him, lol. Leo also has been enjoying walking around our neighborhood, chasing ayam/chickens, and is excited to go to preschool sometime soon. He also is so excited to own a motorcycle helmet and can’t wait to ride a motorcycle! He is enjoying sitting in the front seat of cars and going without a carseat.


Leo in front of our house, we live on the corner of an alley and a street.

Our house is incredible, and very spacious. It has four bedrooms as well as a big open area that makes up our kitchen, dining area, “parlour”, and living room. We also have a garage and a gated area out front.

We’ve been getting up around 5:15am each morning, and taking walks around 5:30am, as most of our neighbors are up by them sweeping their lawns. Leo has made a few friends already, and people love touching his face and hair when we walk by. Sometimes he likes the attention but sometimes he is grumpy and tired.


The main street that we live on, with Mt. Merbabu (a dormant volcano) in the distance.

There are a lot of sounds here! Motorcycles and buses constantly drive by our house, the call to prayer is heard five times a day (at least), roosters crow, dogs bark, even the lizards in our house make loud sounds. We’ve finally been able to sleep through most of the sounds, except the call to prayer around 3:40am.


Our new semi-automatic washing machine! First time buying an appliance!

After our five days here I think I have a vocabulary of around 30-40 words, haha. I definitely feel like a toddler, especially when walking and talking with neighbors. It’s so much fun, though, and there is lots of laughter involved.

More to come, but just wanted to write an update to say that we made it and are loving it so far!




2 Comments on “We’ve arrived in Asia-Pacific!

  1. Wow, you’re there; very cool!
    Hard to imagine you are actually in Salatiga. Seems so far away now. Who else is in your group?

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