Brace Yourself

As our last days in California draw to a rapid close I feel as though I’m physically bracing myself for an imminent collision. There’s a feeling that’s hard to explain, it’s excitement and fear all wrapped into one. It’s that feeling as your roller coaster reaches the top of the climb, that sense of panic and exhilaration just before the rapid descent.

It’s at times like these, when my heart begins to race, that I like to think on a truth that has impacted me greatly these past few months.

“It’s not, ‘we’ve got this great training.’ It’s not the books that are on my shelf and it’s not ‘look at my great plan.’ It’s the Spirit of God that dwells within me. That is my source of confidence that I can guard and protect this Gospel in this generation, in this or that place where God has posted me as a minister of His Word.” – John Harris, Pastor of Covenant Life Church

But really isn’t that true for us all? Aren’t we all just a small part of this great epic? Doesn’t everyone go through hard times? Aren’t we all just dust?

Why then should I be afraid of hardship on the mission field? Rather, should any of us refrain from leaping to the task in faith? Is fear ever a good excuse? The answer can be “no” for one reason; one truth that will forever define the history of the universe.

That truth is this: He. Is. Risen.

Just some thoughts from a sanctified sinner,


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