Memory Making with the Grandparents

We’ve been so blessed to have Mark’s parents visiting us from Canada these past two weeks. Leo has been playing and talking with them from morning until bedtime, and we are so thankful that they had the means to come and visit us before we leave for Asia-Pacific.

This is Mark’s mom’s first time on the West Coast of North America, so we made sure to take a few day trips while they are/were in California. We saw a lot of big and ancient trees, beautiful landscapes, parks, the City, and foggy beaches. They also had a chance to come with us to church and meet many of our friends and partners, and see Leo’s class.

Please be praying for us as we prepare to say our goodbyes this coming Thursday (leaving family for 4 years is hard to think about), and especially for Leo who is used to seeing his Nia and Papa every morning when he wakes up.


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