A Divided Labor Force…

The other day I saw a video on Facebook. It was called “State of the World/The Task of Remaining” and it shows the critical need for a restructuring in the way we (the church) do missions.

State of the World / The Task Remaining from Global Frontier Missions on Vimeo.

The video talks about how the world is divided into 3 major groups of people: 33% who consider themselves Christian, 38% with access to the gospel but have rejected it, and 29% with no chance of hearing the gospel.

What is so sad about these statistics isn’t just that there are still 29% of the world who can’t hear, but that we, the church, are doing so little about it! It breaks my heart to know that more money is embezzled from the church than goes to reaching these 2 billion people with the good news of Jesus Christ! Do we really value the Message? Is it really Good News? Then why are we doing so little?

Far too often I hear people asking, “Why should I consider being a missionary?” Wrong question! We should be asking, “Why shouldn’t I be a missionary!” or even, “Why wouldn’t God send me!?”

Cross-cultural missions takes a sacrificing and a re-focusing of your resources, time, and life, just as Jesus said it would:

“Deny yourself and take up your cross…” Matt 16:24-25

“Don’t love anyone or anything more than me…” Matt 10:37 and Luke 14:26

“Do not love the world…” 1 John 2:15

“Friendship with the world is enmity with God..” James 4:4.

Lord, forgive us for our disobedience.

Just some thoughts from a sanctified sinner,


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