Testing the Spirits

There are so many “spirits” or teachings floating around the airways these days. Statements made on radio, TV, and the internet. Shows like “Bible Secretes Revealed”, “The Bible”, and countless radio programs each claiming a unique and “never before seen/heard” revelations from God’s Word. It’s all very fishy to me, so I thought I would put some of these spirits to the test.


I will be taking different statements I hear in media and “shine the light of the Word” on those suckers to see if what they are saying matches what God says. I will attempt to keep my own opinions out of these examinations and let the Word do the majority of the heavy lifting.


I hope that, by holding these “spirits” or teachings up to the light, to reveal them as true or false. I also hope to push us all into the Word for our answers instead of being, “Tossed by every wave and carried about by every wind of doctrine” eph 4:14


One Comment on “Testing the Spirits

  1. We just want to take this opportunity to reconnect with you guys. You are missed here!
    However it is great to know that you are where the Lord wants you and on your way to fulfilling the next step in the Lord’s plans for you.
    We continue to pray daily for you and pray that your Christmas will be filled with peace, joy and wonderful fellowship with family and friends!
    May the Lord continue to go before you, meeting every need just as He has in the past, and giving you many wonderful opportunities in 2015 to share His love with those that He places around you.
    It is a great source of joy and a wonderful privilege for us to be able to partner with you guys in prayer.
    Many, many thanks for SO FAITHFULLY keeping us in tune with what is transpiring in your lives and your needs for prayer as they come up.
    Love in Christ,

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