Blizzards in Buffalo

October 2014 Update

Our time in Canada has come to an end (for now) as we have been out of country for almost 9 hours now. It’s been hard saying goodbye to family, friends, and our church here. It’s also been challenging trying to sort through our belongings and pick what comes with us and what stays behind. Now we’re spending the night at a hotel across from the airport as all the flights have been canceled for today.

Sometimes we wonder… Is it worth all this hassle and sadness to leave family and dear ones for such a long time? And we remember that yes, it is worth it because HE is worth it!

We aren’t doing this because it will be fun and easy, but because His love compels us to share His Good News with those who have never heard.

So Wednesday afternoon, we board our plane (hopefully) and take the first step in our journey to work as church planters in Asia-Pacific.

What we’ve been up to this month:

  • Mark is back, after traveling across Western Canada with co-workers speaking at Bible schools, churches, and youth groups.
  • We all enjoyed a wonderful time with Mark’s parents, siblings, and their kids down in South Carolina for a week.
  • Leo had an appointment at Sick Kids with great results. So thankful!

Please pray with us:

  • That the weather would improve so that we will be able to fly to Texas tomorrow at 2pm!
  • For Leo – as we’ve been traveling since Monday night and that he’d be able to adjust to staying in a new home.
  • For us as we miss our family and friends, that we would be able to keep an eternal perspective!

Thank you for praying with us!

Till Every Tribe is Reached,

Mark, Lauren, & Leo


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