Leo’s Cardiology Appointments


Leo enjoying Child Life at Ronald McDonald House

Thank you everyone for the e-mails and prayers! We had a great trip to Toronto and have lots to thank the Lord for!

  • Ronald McDonald House called us on Monday to tell us they had a room available.
  • We received a free parking voucher as a thanks for participating in a research study.
  • No snow! The 35cm of snow was meant for Northern Ontario, not Southern. *phew*


So here is our lengthy report:

We spent from 8:00 – 11:45 am in the Cardiology Intervention & Diagnostics Unit… a lot longer than we expected. This is where Leo’s sedated echo, ECG, and pacemaker clinic took place.

It took a while for Leo to fall asleep as he was fighting the sedative and the echocardiogram took almost 2 hours. At one point there were 10 people behind our curtains: 1 nurse, 2 sonographers, 2 pacemaker technicians, 1 doctor on-call, plus the three of us. Quite a group! When the doctor comes up to take more photos it always makes you wonder if they spotted a problem. We always try to prepare ourselves to hear about new conditions.


The pacemaker technicians came and read Leo’s pacemaker. They also turned off his pacemaker to see what his actual heart rate is, which was around 49 bpm. Yikes! That’s always a reminder to us of how thankful we are for pacemakers and the research that goes into them! They were happy with Leo’s pacemaker and didn’t make any changes to it.


Today was our last visit to Sick Kids for the next 4-6 years, as we will be moving within the week. We met with and said goodbye to Leo’s cardiologist, Dr. Jaeggi, who has cared for Leo since I was 28 weeks pregnant. He’s such an awesome doctor, and we know that he cares for Leo as much as we do. It’s also so encouraging to hear his enthusiastic comments saying, “This [heart] surgery was so well done!” He said that Leo’s heart looked great. We will greatly miss Sick Kids and our doctors and nurses there!

Our last appointment ended around 12:45pm, we cleaned our RMH room, and arrived home around 5:30pm.


What’s next for Leo?

Leo’s care is being transferred to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital (in San Francisco, California). He’ll still need pacemaker clinics every 6 months and an annual cardiologist appointment.

Leo will also need his pacemaker battery to be replaced in about 5-6 years, hopefully when we are on furlough, as the surgery will need to be done at Sick Kids.

As Leo’s heart defect is “highly complex congenital heart disease”, he will need to be followed by specialized cardiologists for the rest of his life. His pacemaker is permanent as well.

How you can be praying:

Please pray that we will be able to find a good health insurance for when we live in California, that we would love the cardiology staff at UCSF, and that we would be able to find a cardiologist in Asia-Pacific (preferably a paediatric cardiologist).

Thanks again for all of your love and support,

Mark, Lauren, & Leo


One Comment on “Leo’s Cardiology Appointments

  1. Thanks for the update, PTL he looks great. Gramps & Grandma B

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