Last trip to Sick Kids


We are headed to Toronto after lunch today as Leo has his annual cardiac clinic at Sick Kids on Wednesday, November 12th. This will be his last trip to Sick Kids for a long time as we are moving next Tuesday.

We will be spending tonight at Ronald McDonald House as his first appointment, a sedated echo, is at 8am.

Please be praying for us as we drive there and back, especially as we are expecting 35cm of snow on Wednesday.

Please also be praying for Leo. He had an X-ray done on Thursday due to a lingering cough, that showed some fluid in the lungs. The doctor on Monday said it could possibly be due to his left ventricle not working as hard as it should and fluid is backing into the lungs… or it could just be from a virus he had a few weeks ago. We’re hoping for the later.

We’ll send an update as soon as we get back!

Thanks for praying,
Mark, Lauren, & Leo


One Comment on “Last trip to Sick Kids

  1. Will be praying all goes well! 🙂 I had no idea we are to get 35 cm of snow! Woah!!

    🙂 Karen

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