An Emptying House

August & September ’14 Newsletter

We have around 6 weeks left before we move to Texas, and a lot of traveling to do before then. Selling most of our belongings and living in a nearly empty house has been an interesting process, but has made the reality of this next stage in our life seem much more real. We were able to sit in on the Global Perspectives conference with the training staff and students. It was great to hear international New Tribes Mission leaders share what the Lord is doing around the world. As part of our team, we wanted to encourage you with what you’re support has helped accomplish!

This year New Tribes missionary teams translated the New Testament into the language of 10 people groupsin Senegal, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico! How incredible is that?!

Please continue to pray with us for our remaining time here with the training centre. Our responsibilities here are not done yet and we expect great things during the next six weeks.

MTC Staff Potluck back in August

MTC Staff Potluck back in August

What we’ve been up to the past two months:

  • Aug. 5-20 – We were in California for Lauren’s sister’s wedding
  • Aug. 20-22 – Had staff orientation for the training centre
  • Aug. 29-30 – We had our 2nd yard sale and made over $450 to put towards our house start up cost for Asia-Pacific.
  • Lauren started studies to become a certified birth doula
  • Sept. 8-13 – We attended the NTM Rep Conference
  • Sept. 25-27 – We took a trip with the Kurvits and Marg Jank to New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan
Marg Jank sharing at NTBI Jackson

Marg Jank sharing at NTBI Jackson

Please pray with us:

  • We are working on completing a class that we missed when Leo was born.
  • Oct. 3 – Visiting Heritage College & Seminary
  • Oct. 8-9 – Lauren is taking a First Responder course
  • Oct. 10-14 – Mark will be stopping over in California
  • Oct. 14-26- Mark will be going with Tim Whatley to Bible colleges in B.C, Alberta, and Saskatchewan
  • Oct. 16 – Lauren will be an exhibitor at the ACSI Conference in Mississauga
  • Oct. 17 – Our final yard sale
  • Lauren & Leo are moving out of our apartment at the end of the month

Visited some redwoods while we were in California

Thank you for praying with us!

Till Every Tribe is Reached,

Mark, Lauren, & Leo


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