Off the Grid, Weekend 2

We are done with our second weekend of Off the Grid. Leo slept over at Mark’s parent’s house for both nights, which we so greatly appreciated! The youth groups and families arrived on Friday night. We showed them their houses and had a campfire. The next morning we had a pancake breakfast (half went to our house and half went to Wes & Tenley’s house).



After breakfast there were three sessions and a coffee break before lunchtime. After lunch we took them to the Dobu village for a case study and then they had free time until supper.


Part of Lauren’s responsibilities were to help wash dishes after all the meals. We had running water, but the hot water was heated up in the wood stove.


Sunday morning we had a time of worship and communion (or “breaking of the yams”). Yams and water are what many tribal believers in Papua New Guinea use for their communion. There were two more sessions before lunch on Sunday.


Want to see what some of the participants thought of Off the Grid? Watch the video below that a youth group from the previous weekend made. It’s neat to see how they were impacted by Off the Grid!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.17.36 AM

Thanks for praying for us! Mark wasn’t sick, Leo slept well at his grandparent’s, and Lauren had a much more relaxing weekend not having to chase Leo around. We enjoyed our time getting to know some of the individuals and pray that it has challenged their thinking about church, discipleship, and tribal missions.


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