How much does it take?

As we begin to phase out of our ministry at NTM Canada’s headquarters (in November), and into another full-time ministry, called Partnership Development, several of you have asked, “How much support per month do you have to raise?” Before we answer the question, we thought we explain a few things first.

One misconception we often hear is in regards to New Tribes paying its missionaries a salary. Unlike many other missionary organizations, we don’t receive a salary from New Tribes Mission. All of our income comes from individuals and churches who have chosen to partner with us through sacrificially giving financial support.

So how much do we need? It takes $5,265 per month to serve in Asia-Pacific. That total is budgeted into three categories: Personal Expenses, Benefits & Taxes, and Ministry Expenses.

Personal expenses is basically what our family will be living on while we are in Asia-Pacific, and that amount is $1,890 per month. This includes groceries, housing, transportation, education, etc.

The government requires that we pay certain taxes and benefits such as pension plan, employee and employer taxes, life and medical insurance, etc. which amounts to $1,380 per month.


Ministry expenses make up the last category which is what it takes to do ministry in Asia-Pacific (starting with language learning, and moving on to church planting and Bible translation). New Tribes Mission doesn’t pay for the costs of visas, printing primers, paying language helpers, laptops to work on translation, jet fuel for airplanes, medicine for village, etc. It all comes of our (and our co-worker’s) budget, which is why this category is the most expensive at $1,995 per month.

So what does it take? $1,890 in living, $1,380 in taxes, and $1,995 for ministry, which all adds up to $5,265 per month.

When we look at this number we often are intimidated, but over that we are excited to see others partner with us. So many people can’t physically go overseas, but God has given them the ability to fill a very real, very necessary role in missions.

As we pray, and strive, to get overseas we are so thankful for your faithful obedience to God in whatever He has you in.


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