Stories of Provision: Nintendo 64

From Pixelvolt

When Mark and I were newlyweds, we were full-time Bible students and worked part-time jobs. In the little spare time we had, we enjoyed playing Nintendo 64 games together. A little goofy I know, but who doesn’t enjoy battling on Mario Kart or playing through Banjo-Tooie?

One evening as Mark was playing, he mentioned how he wish we had another controller since our second one was broken. I was getting ready to take a shower. Our apartment didn’t have running water in it, so we used community bathrooms down the hall. As I grabbed my tote and headed out, I thought how it would be cool to play again with Mark and said a quick prayer to God about the situation.

I walked down to the end of the hallway, where the ladies’ bathroom is. Next to the bathroom door was also a bench where people put things they didn’t want anymore. We called it the “Free Bench” and before I entered the bathroom I took a peak into the box.

To my astonishment I saw some gray wires and would you believe it, there was a Nintendo 64 controller inside the box along with a few games! I forgot about my shower and rushed back to show Mark, and boy was he surprised, too!

Photo from Google

Needless to say, we thought it was pretty cool story. It’s neat to think and remember how God does listen to us. Because of His omnipresence (He is everywhere at the same time), He is able to know us personally and listen to us faithfully. This story is a reminder to ourselves when we don’t think God cares or listens, that He does pay attention to our lives! Though we wouldn’t have cared if we never were able to play Nintendo together again, we were thankful for God providing us with an extra controller to take a break from our studying.


One Comment on “Stories of Provision: Nintendo 64

  1. I have a pair of earrings, one of which got lost, and then found, conveying the same message. We truly don’t realize just how interested God is in our lives. Awesome, isn’t it?

    And, I loved playing Super Mario .. we play it on our wii in the latest version – love it.

    Hugs, Jenn

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