Snowed In

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Lauren’s parents and sister arrived from California on December 31st, and we’ve really been enjoying our time with them. We took them to go see a frozen Inglis Falls, Tim Horton’s, etc. Since they’ve arrived we’ve had a crazy blizzard which canceled their flight home, giving us an extra 5 days with them! All of the roads in our county were closed till Wednesday, and the snow is piled high! Even watched our neighbor shovel snow off his roof.

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On a totally different note, we met this week with one of the MTC leaders, and we’ve been accepted to come on staff! So what will be doing now? Mark will be traveling to Bible schools for rep work, hosting prospective students, giving campus tours, planning weekend events, and co-teaching a class. Lauren will continue to manage the MTC’s Facebook page, write blog posts, administrative work, and also helping NTM Canada’s communication department as needed. We are excited to begin working on campus, and are praying that the Lord will use us to encourage and challenge others to pursue tribal missions.

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