Stories of Provision: One Expensive Organ

This was probably the first miracle Lauren and I experienced as a family. It is one of our longer stories, too, so please bear with me.

photo from cbs news

Lauren and I got married in August of 2009 and immediately went back to attending New Tribes Bible Institute. We were both working but only able to pull in around $500 a month, so we were really living on love and prayer (with around $6 a week for groceries on a few occasions). This was only possible because the married couples were allowed to pick through the leftovers from the school’s cafeteria twice a week.

Despite the small grocery budget, we were both healthy and figured we’d be ok without buying health insurance on top of the accident insurance provided by the school. As a Canadian we figured if I ever needed something badly I could make the 3-hour trip to Canada to take advantage of OHIP.

One morning during classes I started feeling very ill. We waited it out for a few hours, but things were getting worse. I tried all we had in the house from Tylenol to weird-smelling teas. The pain became so much that I could not even bear lying down. We finally made the choice to go visit a local doctor. The three minute trip was too much for me and I threw up as soon as we exited the car. I threw up about 3 more times before we got into the office. After a quick blood test they discovered my appendix was inflamed and about to burst.

View from the hospital from our apartment window. Convenient, eh?

View from the hospital from our apartment window. Convenient, eh?

By 9:00 pm I was in the hospital on morphine awaiting surgery. After waking up with three small scars on my stomach, one less organ, and performing all of the pre-discharge paperwork I was back home.

A few weeks later we started getting bills. Ten thousand, five hundred, six thousand, two thousand, five thousand, etc. We ended up owing the hospital and doctors over $26,000 in medical bills! We were approaching Christmas break and our final semester, but we informed the president of our school that we would probably not be returning due to the debt. He didn’t think that $26,000 was anything to be concerned about and told us that he’d see us next semester if God wanted us there.

We looked through our options and found little hope, though God had given us peace throughout it all. We applied for Medicaid, but were told that with my age and physical condition it would be all but impossible for me to get it. They did inform us that if we were accepted for Medicaid it would cover any procedures within three months of being accepted.

We packed up our belongings and told the Lord that if He wanted us to stay in school He would provide a way, but if He didn’t then we’d just assume He wants us elsewhere.

We had a nice Christmas break and returned to school to either start our last semester or pick up the rest of our belongings and head home. In our mailbox was a letter. It said that we had indeed been accepted for Medicaid (as well as Food Stamps). This came as no surprise to us, but when we told my mother the good news she decided to do some math. We had received the needed medical coverage exactly 3 months from the time of my surgery. If it had come even a few days later than it did we would not have had coverage for the surgery.

“Thank you Lord, your timing is truly perfect!”

(And let’s just say, we haven’t gone without health insurance since).


2 Comments on “Stories of Provision: One Expensive Organ

  1. What a wonderful story of the grace of God. We praise God with you and continue to pray for you both and Leo in these days of seeking him for the next step. You are writing the next book like George Muller. Blessings claude and Beryl

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. I love to read them:) praying for you guys and leo

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