Health Update on Mark

A lot of you have been thinking of and praying for me this past year. I’ve definitely needed those encouragements as it has been a very confusing road with a lot of variables.

I went into the doctor’s office again last week because I was experiencing some severe anxiety and restlessness. The doctor didn’t think much of it until he gave me a GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) test on which I scored way above acceptable. Anxiety has always been something I’ve struggled with, even back to when I was a young boy, but lately it had gotten out of control and may even have been a cause for some of the physical sickness I’ve been dealing with.

He gave me 12 weeks of medication to try and bring my serotonin levels back up. What had probably happened, the doctor explained, is my body has been slowly losing the ability to produce serotonin and has been replacing it with adrenaline. He said with the score I had on the test it sounded like I wasn’t producing serotonin at all anymore and was relying completely on adrenaline. This explains

SynapseWhile it is good to finally know what could be causing all of my symptoms, it is still a major concern of mine. I’m going to have to meet with a specialist once a week to go over ways to deal with GAD and I will be going back into the doctors in a month to re-take the test.

I’ve noticed this is a major hindrance to my ministry. One thing I’ve always been very good at, and have enjoyed, is sharing at church, conferences, etc. I actually enjoy getting up in front of people and talking about ministry! Since I’ve been sick it has been increasingly difficult to pursue these roles as even the smallest speaking engagements have me nauseated with anxiety.

Please pray with me as I hope to heal from this disorder and look to the Lord for strength as I continue to have speaking engagements as a part of my job.



2 Comments on “Health Update on Mark

  1. Hey Mark….We just read your blog. You & Lauren have been thru a lot lately..
    Here are a few verses to focus on. 1st Peter 5-7, Phil. 4-6, John 14-27,
    We just rec’d an e-mail from friends of our who go to church. They are going thru a terrible time with their son. He is dying. They have been beside his side for weeks. and are praying that the Lord will take him home.
    I am going to forward you their e-mail, which explains their situation.
    We will continue to pray for you everyday

  2. Check into a organic herb called Ashwagandha. Helps the body to successfully adapt to stress,including mental,physical,emotional and environmental. (

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