Stories of Provision: Hamburger, Please?

I think it’s so great how the Lord truly does care for us! I’ve seen it so many times in my life, even in seemingly minute things.

When Mark and I were in training, we didn’t have a lot to spend in our monthly food budget. Chicken is a lot more expensive in Canada than it is in the States, so my next favorite meat to cook and eat is ground beef, which was still a little out of our budget.

I had just used up the last of our ground beef, as we had guests over several nights before, and I told God, “It would so nice to have some more hamburger meat.” Some generous people donated frozen turkeys to students and staff at NTM Canada, which I was extremely thankful for, but after eating turkey every day, I began to miss other meats.


Mark and I ate supper then went to bed. In the morning we sat in classes, and because it was Wednesday we had an afternoon off the work program. Every Wednesday a young man from youth came over to our house to work out and chat with Mark. This time his mom came with him to our door carrying some grocery bags and she said, “I was thinking of you guys yesterday afternoon, and I felt like the Lord told me I should bring you some meat.”

He took the bags from his mom and put them on our kitchen counter, and Mark having no idea about my little conversation with God, enthusiastically thanked  our friends for the meat, and then left with the guy from youth. I went and opened the bag, and low and behold, it was full of ground beef!

I was in awe, yet not. It shouldn’t be weird or incredible that God would want to listen to my request. He is my Father after all, and the Bible says, “So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him” (Matthew 7:11, NLT) and “Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?” (Matthew 6:26, NLT).

Sometimes God chooses not to answer our prayers in the way we expect, but I think He enjoys taking care of us and providing for us… and sending little surprises (of ground beef) our way! Be encouraged!


2 Comments on “Stories of Provision: Hamburger, Please?

  1. Way to go Lauren, God certainly has a way of growing us.
    God Bless
    Grandma & Gramps

  2. Yes God deffinetly cares a lot about his children. I have many stories of answered prayers but I always rember one especially. I came in to a grocerie store and I had a toddler and a newborn with me after a sleepless night, I looked at the lines of people at the cashiers and I let out a sigh and just prayed a simple prayer. I said ” God please help me go through the cashiers without waiting in line” and I just went about and got what I needed. As soon as I was coming up to a cashier a young man called me over to help me check out there was no line there. I was so greatful and happy for this answered prayer.

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