Happy 1st Birthday, Leo!


One year ago today I walked into the OR, had my back pierced with a needle, and I laid on the operating table with a blue sheet five inches from my face. Forty-five minutes later, after feeling my body being tugged and pushed by the doctor and nurses, our little miracle baby was born red and screaming as the nurses took him from my body and carried him to the resuscitation room.


I had a quick glance at Leo and was able to reach into the “carrier” – a contraption that cost more than the average car – to touch his little fingers before they rushed him through the tunnels under University Street to Sick Kids hospital. Our little man’s heart pumped away at a mere 55 beats per minute and his ventricles were pumping blood to the wrong parts of his body, but he was such a fighter! Before midnight, a hospital worker wheeled me in a wheel chair through the tunnels, and I was able to hold Leo for the first time! Three days later he had his first surgery, followed by another surgery ten months later.


I am so blessed to have Leo! He is such a gift, and so worth a huge pink scar on my belly, all of the hours sitting in the waiting room, and all of the sleepless nights in and out of the hospital. Though there are times I think how easy it would be not to have a kid, one look at Leo’s goofy smile or watching him squeal at me as I run in circles around him, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Happy birthday Leo! We’ve learned so much from having you in our life!

Here are a few fun facts about Leo on his 1st birthday:

  • Strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes
  • 19 lbs 4 oz
  • 8 teeth
  • 2 surgeries
  • 5 scars
  • 2 plane rides
  • NG tube
  • Loves dogs, dancing to music, rough housing, being upside-down, flirting with strangers, eating bananas, yogurt, and cereal puffs, bath time, throwing balls, people watching, and church nursery.
  • Doesn’t crawl or walk yet. Hates things getting stuck on his fingers. Still wakes up about twice each night, but usually sleeps from 7pm to 7am.

7 Comments on “Happy 1st Birthday, Leo!

  1. Reblogged this on my2monsters and commented:
    Wanted to pass this on for all of you who pray for my nephew. He turned 1 today! Hard to believe how much has been packed into his 1 year! So glad he is part of our family and that he is healthy and healing.

    So thankful for all of the prayers you each have prayed for him. Amazing how many people he has never met have prayed for him.

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