Day 10: We’re Out of the Hospital!

Whew! We are OUT of the hospital. Can you believe it? It’s only been 10 days since Leo’s heart surgery, and all three of us are back at Ronald McDonald House. We saw Leo’s cardiologist in the hall this morning and he was surprised to see us out of CICU, but excited to see how well Leo was doing.


Discharge days are long and exhausting, as everyone and their mom comes to visit. The charge nurse, the pharmacist, the “research” nurse, the “teaching” nurse, the dietician, the social worker, along with the rest of the crew. We have a stack of paperwork and bags of formula and NG tube stuff lol.

We both re-learned how to give Leo his feeds through the NG tube, as well as putting the NG tube in Leo. He wasn’t a fan of that, but we feel pretty comfortable with his new gear.

Aleeda was discharged from the hospital today, too! Praise the Lord!


Since today was Halloween, Sick Kids had trick or treating for the kids. Leo’s nurse gave us a costume, so he dressed up as a banana boy and we went to all 8 floors and stopped at booths. The booths were run by different groups (like Toronto Blue Jays, FedEx, and Disney), so Leo got a whole bucket full of goodies (no candy)! It was pretty fun.

Here’s a picture of Leo and our neighbor from CICU and 4-D:


I think Leo is having some anxiety issues as he doesn’t like being separated from me… especially at night. He’ll fall asleep in my arms, but as soon I as lay him down he freaks out and throws a tantrum. Wow, is that exhausting. Hopefully being at home will help him out. He’s asleep now, but I’m just hoping he’ll be able to get some rest tonight for our drive home tomorrow. Apparently it is snowing back home in Durham!


So what’s next for Leo? We’ll have an appointment pretty much every week in November. The first is his post-op appointment, and the others are for a RSV shot, family doctor, and pacemaker clinic.

The nurse today said that Leo’s heart three days after surgery is already stronger than it was before surgery. It’s unbelievable to think of all Leo has been through! We know we couldn’t have done it without your prayers and encouragement! Our God is so good and so loving, even if the outcome was different. We are blessed and so thankful.


6 Comments on “Day 10: We’re Out of the Hospital!

  1. Have been following Leo’s progress and am so happy that you all are getting to go home so quickly after surgery. Your Thanksgiving came early this year – you couldn’t ask for a better outcome. Still praying all goes well for you three.

  2. Reblogged this on my2monsters and commented:
    After all waiting from 20 weeks gestation and niw it is all finished! Crazy!

    Please prayfor safety as my parents drive there to pick them up and bring them home

  3. WOW! the best news of the day. Welcome home Leo!!! What a GREAT GOD we have.
    Grama & Gramps.

  4. We are praising the Lord today again for all that He has done, is still doing and will continue to do through and for you all! Praying for Leo and you both as you return home and seek to get into a more normal routine once again. It will take a little time for all of you to adjust! We pray for His encouragement and patient endurance in the days ahead. Praising the Lord as well that Aleeda is now discharged! They too will have a lot to deal with at home now involving her care and recovery. We will be continuing to pray for you in the days ahead. May the Lord and all His sure promises to you, daily be your source of wisdom, strength, and encouragement. May He continue to bless and use you as a channel of blessing to others. In His marvellous love, Ruth

  5. Praise God. Have a safe trip home. It will be so nice to be home. I will keep all of you in my prayers. You are an inspiration to all. Such a young couple and so mature to have to deal with all this and you did it gracefully with God’s strength. He is good!

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