Day 8: Back on the NG Tube

The days are beginning to blend together. Mark’s mom and sister are coming tomorrow to watch Leo for us, and so that we can go take a nap and spend some time together. I spent the night with Leo last night, and then Mark came over to take the “day shift” so I could take a nap at Ronald McDonald House. Tonight is a test to see if Leo can spend the night at the hospital by himself.


Today Leo has been pretty fussy and cried a lot. He has been pretty constipated so that has been bothering him most of the day. He finally had some bowel movements, and then Leo was happy for a while after that. He played a lot more today and has his voice back.

The fluid from his chest tubes is under 16mL (but we will see what it is at midnight). The main issue now is Leo’s eating. He is to the point where he refuses to drink Portagen from a sippy cup, and now starts crying when we use the syringe, too. So we put him back on the NG tube back in tonight 😦 Didn’t really want to do that, but his fluid intake today has only been around 200mL when it should be around 950mL. He also needs a normal fluid intake before they take out the chest tubes.


It’s kind of discouraging, as Leo was doing so well with eating when it was breast milk, but hey, there are worse things to be keeping us in the hospital!

So please pray for Leo, that he will grow to tolerate Portagen. Pray for Mark as he has been feeling sick lately. And please be praying for me, Lauren, that I’ll get rest tonight and that I’ll keep pumping faithfully.


Oh yeah, and Leo was put on the Holter monitor (shown above) this morning, which needs to be on for 24 hours. He doesn’t seem to mind it and barely pulls at it at all.


7 Comments on “Day 8: Back on the NG Tube

  1. What a beautiful baby boy!!! We are praying for YOU and for HIM that all goes WELL!

  2. Love the strength and encouragement you show to all of us that just feel so helpless. I wish we could take turns too. God Bless you ❤ Aunt Peg

  3. Will definitely continue praying for Leo and the rest of the family.

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