Day 7: The End Seems Near

(Sorry there aren’t any pictures – the pic below is from yesterday. Can’t upload pics with the hospital’s internet.)

Today makes me happy as Leo smiled and chuckled for the first time! He also started to play with some toys and I was able to carry him down the hall for the first time (he wasn’t a fan of that, though).

Another thing that made us happy was that Leo was moved from Step Down to his own room on 4-D. That means that instead of having others patients and nurses in the room with him 24/7, he gets to sleep in a quiet room (with me) and the nurses will check in on him every hour (or more).


Today they removed his central line. He longer has no more IV meds, as he now takes his lasix and other meds orally.

Leo is still not taking to the Portagen formula, which I can’t blame him! It reeks! So the dietician is letting us flavor it with chocolate syrup! He’s suppose to be drinking 90 mL every 3 hours, so we’re trying to feed him at least 30 mL and hour. He also began eating some pureed fruits and veggies (that are fat-free).

The drainage from his chest tubes is improving dramatically! They want the total of each chest tube to be less than 16 mL within 24 hours before they remove him. And the chest tubes being removed is the thing that is keeping us

at the hospital! I think yesterday the drainage from both was around 150 mL each, but today they are around 12 mL each (we find out at midnight the total for the past 24 hours).

If the totals are under 16mL at midnight, then there is a possibility of being discharged tomorrow – unless they want to wait another day, or if they aren’t happy with his eating.

Leo will have to be on the fat-free diet for 6 weeks starting when they take out his chest tubes. That means no birthday cake next month. Poor guy!

So please pray Leo will go to sleep tonight with me in the room (we just gave him some morphine as he’s a little cranky)! And that the nurses coming in to do vital signs during the night won’t wake him up 🙂


4 Comments on “Day 7: The End Seems Near

  1. Praise God for healing! Will pray tonight for peaceful sleep for you both..xoxo – Aunt Jo

  2. GREAT news. Leo looks so relaxed. Praying he will soon be home
    Grandma & Grandpa

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