Day 6: Step Down!

I’m going to have to right this post quickly, cause we’ve had a long day and I’m ready for bed!


Leo’s fever was back again this morning. But good news is that the doctor said he is ready to discharge him from the CICU and transfer him to the Step Down room on 4-D. So in preparation the nurses removed his art line and stopped the milrinone, heparin, and potassium infusions. Leo is hit and miss on his new formula feeds. He vomited it up a few times, so we had to use the NG tube twice today just so he could have food in him.

Around 1:30pm we moved Leo down to Step Down! So exciting to be a step closer to home, but this is when it gets harder! His new nurse took out the IV on his foot, the NG tube, and then “hep-locked” his central line. So check out this photo:


Leo only had morphine orally once today, so that was pretty good. It was hard to say goodnight to him as he was still awake when we left. Hopefully he’ll be good for the nurses tonight and just sleep the whole night!

Tomorrow morning we’re going to try some pureed fat-free foods like prunes and green beans. Leo has to stay in Step Down for at least 24 hours so they can observe him before moving into a private in-patient room. So there’s a possibility of moving rooms tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

Please be praying for us as we prepare for this next stage! It’s the hardest for us, as Lauren will be staying with Leo during the nights and emotions are high as it is the last move till going home! This was when Mark began feeling really sick last time, so be praying for his body, too!


Thanks for all of the prayers!!


3 Comments on “Day 6: Step Down!

  1. Reblogged this on my2monsters and commented:
    A great update on the little sweetie.

    Please pray for good sleeps for alll of them and continue to pray for Mark for his anxiety to stay/be low and to feel good for the rest of their time there

  2. Always praying for the whole family! Love you all, and I admire your courage. You are true testimonies of strength and the Lords love. ❤ Aunt Peg

  3. Praise God for that update. Stay strong and before you know it this will just be a memory. Praying, praying, praying. God is good!

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