Day 3: Breathing on his own


Leo has been off of the muscle relaxers since 8am, and has made a lot of progress since then. He’s moving his legs and arms, has opened his eyes a few times (that was today’s goal), and is breathing on his own (though he’s still on the ventilator). During rounds tonight they said their plan is to extubate him (take him off the ventilator) by the morning.

His nurse also put him on a sedative tonight because they had lowered his morphine infusion and he was beginning to move around too much, lol. Babies don’t listen very well do they?

He had a few feeds today of around 5 mL (or 1/2 tsp) of breastmilk through the NG tube, but now that they are planning to extubate him he is back to NPO (Nothing Passes Orally).

This morning the EP team changed his pacemaker settings again, which has helped his rhythm. The echo from yesterday showed signs of trivial regurgitation, but overall it’s looking great!

photo(Leo and his night nurse tonight)

Leo is still battling with a temperature. It’s kept around 38*C/100*F today, but the cultures from the blood work showed no signs of infection. Praise the Lord! It seems that it is just the body recovering from such a major surgery.

The night nurse was talking about a possibility of moving to the Step Down room on the weekend. He would need to be off the ventilator and off of Epinephrine (he’s currently on the lowest dose – to help his blood pressure) before he goes up, but that looks like it might happen tomorrow!


7 Comments on “Day 3: Breathing on his own

  1. Reblogged this on my2monsters and commented:
    For those who aren’t on facebook to see these links, i will just keep reblogging.

    Here is an update for today about sweet Leo. Sounds like he is doing really well. Please keep praying for him and his parents and everyone who loves him (and therefor gets weepy sometimes)

  2. Such awsome news to hear! Nice way to start my night, thank you for the updates and still many friends praying for his full recovery. I love you. Aunt Peg

  3. Hi there Mark and Lauren. We are the Winslows from NH. Our daughter Brittany Thorn shared your story with us. We just want you to know we are praying for Leo and all of you! We have your blog featured on our blog, too. Thank you for keeping us all posted!
    Love from NH! Glenn, Mary, Madelyn, Grace, Edward, Elisha, Jonathan, Nicole, Rosalinda and soon to be rescued Little Eddie (who we will name Jeremiah), and Zoey!

  4. Praying for you guys, and couldn’t resist commenting on how great a photo that is of Leo close up. So sweet… and great photo skills!

  5. Your posts are gifts to us; you give us glimpses into what God is doing, information to fuel our praying, and lots of opportunities to give God glory. Thanks for letting us journey with you!

  6. My brother was at Sick Kids for 3 months. I loved going to visit him! Best hospital ever!
    Praying for you all!!

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