Day 2: Relax and stay cool, Leo!

“Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!” 1 Chronicles 16:34

Last night Leo’s temperature went up to 40*C/104*F (probably due to shock), so they put him on a cooling pad and kept him on muscle relaxers (in other words temporally paralyzed) which brought his temperature down to 37-38*C.


This morning he was also having rhythm issues. His heart rate would fluctuate between 80 to 130 bpm causing his pressures to go between 50 and 80. They put Leo on nitroproprusside (or NipRide) to help his blood pressure go down, and he is very responsive to it! The pacing team came and changed some rhythm stuff with his pacemaker, so we’ll see if that will fix things.

Leo also had an echo which we are waiting to hear results from.

This evening Leo’s nurse took him off the cooling mat, and put a bag of ice on his head instead. We’re hoping to when him off the muscle relaxants soon.

Leo is looking and doing really great! He still is “asleep” and seems to be coping well with pain (thanks to the constant morphine infusions and the extra bolus lol). His legs and face are swollen, but his nurse said thats normal for being on the bypass machine for so long.

They want him to stay on the ventilator for a while, as they still want his body to rest. So right now we are just keeping down his temperature and will hopefully begin feeds through the NG tube as soon as he comes off the muscle relaxers.


Every time we go to see Leo the nurses put him in different positions, and this is how we found him tonight after supper, all propped up with his stuffed animals and a diaper under his ice bag lol! Such a cutie!

Hoping to go out to coffee soon with the parents of the baby across from Leo. Please be praying for Baby “S”, a 5 week old with HLHS who is still recovery from heart surgery. His parents finally were able to hold him today!


8 Comments on “Day 2: Relax and stay cool, Leo!

  1. Pics break my heart…Still praying for baby Leo and the rest of you…Uncle Donnie says “he doesn’t want to look”…LOL 😉

  2. Your story sounds very similar to mine, My son had I think close to the same surgery. He is now nine years old and you would never know. I will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. Laurie Bradley

  3. Great post, Lauren! 🙂 So neat to see Leo in his ‘get-up’ and so thankful for how he is doing, though he is fevering a bit. Will be awesome to see him getting real food soon! Love you guys and continuing to remember you before the Father. 🙂

  4. I don’t know if you remember us, Mark and Lauren. We met you at Durham a couple of years ago. Just wanted to say that we are praying for precious little Leo — and for you guys, too.

  5. From a NTBI student-
    My little sister had an open heart surgery when I was young and the picture here takes me back in time to when I saw her all ‘hooked up’. She had a heart murmur at birth and her first surgery was only months later. She’s now a beautiful 19 year old woman and bears her pace-maker scars with a healthy pride. All that to give encouragement and let you know that my wife and I will pray for little Leo.

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