RMH Tour

Here are a few pictures of the Ronald McDonald House in Toronto, to give you an idea of the AMAZING place we are able to stay while Leo is at Sick Kids.

We can’t begin to express how thankful we are for RMH! It’s such a blessing to not only have a bed and bathroom a block a way from the hospital, but also a full kitchen and an amazing community of people.

I forgot to take a photo from the outside and of other rooms like the entrance way, laundry room, gym, school, library, playground, grills, etc. Did I say how amazing RMH is? I would love to be here as a kid! Especially with all of the fun programs going on every day.

Our room this past week:

photo-2 photo-3 photo-1photo

The hallway our room was on:


Kitchen: 6 stations (only 3 shown below) and fridges/freezers/pantries/stoves/tables/dishes for around 80 families families.

IMG_20131016_131402Leo’s favorite room is the kid’s room in between all the kitchens. 

IMG_20131016_131910Anyways, there’s a glimpse of our “home” for the next week or two.

Feel free to stop by and visit! We’ll be putting information about visiting on later this weekend.

Again, we are so thankful to be staying in this place for only $15 a night! These rooms should cost $125 a night, but donations from McDonald’s restaurants, etc., keep the costs down. So next time you’re at Micky D’s, throw in a quarter or two!



3 Comments on “RMH Tour

  1. Wow, that’s awesome. I was just reading an article about the one in Hamilton and I’m not sure if they do it all the time or just this occasion but they provide meals and they even have a professional chef. In this article I think it was the fire department that was taking a shift making food. I never knew you had to pay anything but that is pretty good that it’s only $15 per night. This article was looking for volunteers. Sounds like a worthy cause. I am praying for little Leo and all of you family and friends who are so close and of course the skill of the doctors etc. I hope and pray it all goes well.

  2. That is awesome, guys. 🙂 So neat to see what you have access to!! What a blessing!!! We are praying for you guys and Leo! Love your trust in the Lord!!!! 🙂

  3. We were able to stay there this past summer with Adryanna was in Sick kids for her heart repair. We were so very thankful for such an amazing place to stay.

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