[Please check back later]

[Though this post was scheduled for today, and edited this morning; in light of its topic and recent events we have decided to remove its contents until a later time, while we grieve with a family who just lost their daughter.]


2 Comments on “[Please check back later]

  1. Hi:

    Regarding the Christian belief that all babies will go to heaven is based on David speaking after his baby he had with Bathsheeba died – II Samuel 12: 22- 23 – speaking of his baby he says
    “But now he is dead, wherefore shall I fast, can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.

    Yes, babies are born with a sinful nature – but even after we are saved we still have a sinful nature i.e. the struggle of the flesh, Paul’s declaration that he doesn’t do what he should and does what he should not.

    We saw pictures of your precious Leo at Chuck and Marilyn’s house a few weeks ago. He is
    a beautiful baby.

    Linda Lewis

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for your comment. I don’t believe that when you are saved you lose your sin nature (agree with you on this); we gain the Holy Spirit (our new nature) when God wipes our slate clean, but we still struggle with our flesh (old nature). That’s how we are able to go to heaven – because we’ve placed our trust in Christ’s work for us. Babies aren’t able to do that.

      Here are my notes on 2 Samuel 12:22-23:

      The only verse that would make it seem that infants go to heaven is the verse where David talks about baby son who just died. “I shall go to him, but he will not return to me” (ESV) In Ancient Hebrew, verbs didn’t show tense (past, present, future). The way it was determined was by context. The verb “halak” can be translated to “go” “walk” “come” “depart” “proceed” “move” “go away” Young’s Literal Translation translates it to “I am going unto him, and he doth not turn back unto me.” Where is David going? Is he walking into the room where his baby is? Is he “dying” and going to heaven or “the house of the Lord” where his baby is waiting? Is he going to heaven but his baby is in hell not able to return to him? Seems like translators are able to translate this verse as they see fit.

      I still don’t have all the answers to this verse, but I like to believe that this verse gives us hope that God will save at least some babies, if not all.

      Do you go to Winona Gospel? Maybe we’ll see you someday 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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