Off the Grid, VBS, & Leo’s Heart Cath

Tomorrow night we are looking forward to being back home! We’ve had a full week and I think we are all looking forward to being in our own beds.

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Last Friday to Sunday we helped out with Off the Grid, a weekend program up in Jungle Camp for people to learn more about tribal missions. We stayed in one of the staff houses, and enjoyed hanging out with the youth group that came. Leo really enjoyed all of the attention he received. He’s such a people person!

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On Sunday after everyone left, we headed out to Mark’s grandparent’s house in Grimsby. We spoke to kids at a V.B.S. on Monday morning. It was so much fun! Mark dressed up as a tribal person, and told the kids “his testimony”. They loved it! Praying that we were able to not only share the gospel with them, but to encourage them to get involved in missions! We also enjoyed the downtime we had with Grandma and Grandpa. Leo loved going on walks with them, and getting some snuggle time!

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On Tuesday afternoon we made our way to Toronto. We were able to stay at Ronald McDonald House which was so awesome as it is only a few blocks away from Sick Kids Hospital. Leo had his pre-cath appointment on Wednesday morning, and he did SO awesome!

208473_10151624714608409_628921122_n 092fa672f57f11e2982122000a1f8c32_7

We could tell people were praying for him, as he waited patiently on an empty stomach and he didn’t even cry getting his blood taken. The x-ray and the sedative for the echo wasn’t fun, but he calmed down pretty quick! After his appointments, we took a walk down to the Eaton Centre (Toronto’s largest mall). It was a little overwhelming seeing so many people after being so use to living in Durham, lol! It was fun getting to walk around the city together as a family, and Leo loved all of the noises and people.

dce7906af57f11e2bc2222000a1f98f9_7  photo

This morning we headed over to the Cardiac Diagnostic & Interventional Unit at Sick Kids. Leo was so good while we waited, and even smiled as the doctor took him back to get prepped for his heart catheterization. Since he would be in the cath lab for about two hours, Mark and I decided to go on a quick date to our favorite Pho restaurant on Spadina. We also stopped to get some halva in Kensington Market. Yum!

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We returned at 1:30pm, and Leo was back in the recovery room. He wasn’t happy as he started to wake up, but he fell back to sleep. Leo’s face was super red from the anesthesia, which also made his temperature rise. He was getting pretty grumpy, but after some morphine and two naps he was moving his legs and interacting with us as his normal little self again. The cath went really well! They said that there was no obstruction in his pulmonary artery, and that his band was looking great. They also checked out his superior vena cavas (he has two – a left one AND a right one, most people only have one), and mentioned how they might “snip” one during his next surgery, too. The doctor basically said that he looked like he was a candidate for the Double Switch procedure, and that after the cardiology team came up with a plan for Leo, our cardiologist would call within the next three weeks with a surgery date. That is both exciting and nerve-wracking! So thankful for all of Leo’s prayer warriors!

11e2ade4f58111e286bb22000ae902bb_7  photo-1

We made it back at RMH in time for a lasagna dinner and Leo was already sitting up in his stroller and talking with other kids and adults. In the morning we’ll clean our room here, pack the van, and head back home!


3 Comments on “Off the Grid, VBS, & Leo’s Heart Cath

  1. What big little man he is. I love the photos – but especially the one of him looking out of the bars and in his stroller. So glad you’ve got some good news! PTL! Great post.

  2. Thankful all went well today! Will continue to pray for Leo, you, & Mark!

  3. I miss you all so very much! I know I am just an aunt but y’all are still considered my kids. I hope to see all of you in the near future. I know travel is tight for everyone. I am praying daily for little man and y’all. Love ya tons!!

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