Living in Fear

June 2013 Newsletter

Thank you for all of your prayers! This month has had its ups and downs, yet we continue to rely on our God as our Source for everything in this life: peace, joy, life, godliness, etc. We are so thankful for the incredible relationship we have with God. He is a personal, loving, forgiving, just, and communicating God. As we prepare to share with several kids groups about tribal church planting, we are reminded of what unreached people groups believe about their “gods”.

Most tribal people maintain animistic beliefs. It is the belief where there is a high and impersonal spirit and then middle and low spirits, that can be manipulated. All around the world, in Africa, South America, and islands in the Pacific, this is a common belief system. (It even seeps into our own North American worldviews, too!).

We recently read a story of how a unbelieving tribal person lost their baby to a sickness. Unlike us, they don’t believe that germs and bacteria were the cause. “[S]ome claimed the death had happened because [the father] was a negligent parent. He had failed to do things the spirits demanded.” Fear of the spirits is also what prompts many mothers to kill their newborn twins (as they believe one of them is an evil spirit, but can’t discern which it is).

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 5.06.51 PM

Fato, a Hewa believer, lived in fear of the spirits but Jesus came to the rescue and set him free. He shares, “Earlier we were so deceived. … Instead of worshipping the living God who can’t die, we were worshipping the different things He had created, things that die and rot. We really thought the spirits of the different trees and bamboo and vines would be able to help us so we continually sacrificed pigs to them.” You can watch Fato’s Story here.

We are still in full-time Ministry Partnership Development, and we would appreciate your prayers and help! We made a short video for you to explain our current ministry plans and how you can partner with us to reach people lost in spiritual darkness. You can watch it below:

Project: Mobilization


Praising God that:

  • Mark had a wonderful time of fellowship on a 3-day canoe trip with the staff and students in Jungle Camp
  • We gained new prayer partners and another financial partner this month!
  • Mark celebrated his 24th birthday.
  • Leo has gained a lot of weight and is now 17lbs at 7 months old.

Please pray with us:

  • As we try to figure out what is causing Mark to be sick. The last doctor Mark went to doesn’t think he has Crohn’s Disease, so he is back to being undiagnosed.
  • That we wouldn’t be discouraged during this time of Ministry Partnership Development; that we would continue to trust the Lord as He provides partners in ministry.
  • For Leo’s heart to grow stronger in preparation for the upcoming surgery, and that his reflux would improve.
  • July 9th – Mark and Derek Grant will be teaching kids at a VBS how to make blow darts and sharing with them about tribal missions
  • July 14th – We are organizing an event for the youth leaders in our youth group
  • July 19-21st – We will be staying up in Jungle Camp as a staff unit for Off the Grid
  • July 22-23rd – We have the opportunity to visit Winona Gospel Church and talk to kids about the gospel and tribal missions
  • July 24-25th – Leo has a Pre-Cath Clinic and Cardiac Catheterization at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto


Thank you for again for partnering with us in prayer!

Till Every Tribe is Reached,

Mark, Lauren, & Leo


One Comment on “Living in Fear

  1. It was great to read your blog and to see the opportunities God is opening up for you these days. I noticed one of those opportunities was a visit to Winona Gospel Church! That was a surprise as I have a prayer partner there. Paul and Ann Makino are Japanese and lived near my home in Hamilton years ago – in fact they lived next door to Tom Shore and his family in the days before Ruth and Tom were married. We all attended an evangelical Anglican church (St. George’s Anglican Church, Hamilton) where I came to Christ and was commissioned in 1966.

    Paul and Ann later eventually moved to the Winona area and began attending Winona Gospel Church. Ann and another former St. George’s Church friend also started an OMF missions prayer group in the early 1990’s, which continued until last year when several members went Home to the Lord and Ann was unable to carry the leadership any longer. Paul and Ann have prayed and supported me faithfully for many years and still attend Winona Gospel Church as able. Paul had a stroke a few years ago, which forced them to move from their home into an apartment in Stoney Creek. If you see a Japanese couple in church and happen to be talking to them, do give them my loving greetings.

    You continue to be in my daily prayers. I am especially remembering you this month as Leo’s catheterization is due and decisions will be made about his surgery. Committing you all into His Good hands, Kept, as you are, by a loving, faithful, all-wise, omnipotent heavenly Father, Roberta

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