Sick Kids Update :: Cath in Two


We’re back from Toronto!

Due to an accident in Bramptom pushing us into rush hour traffic, plus weird weather and it hailing on us on the Gardiner, we were an hour late to our appointment. Whoops! That’s when we can tell when I’m time-oriented and Mark is event-oriented, lol. I hate being late!


Anyways, instead of Leo having a sedated echo at 7am, we waited till around 9:20am. Poor little baby! He was so hungry! But he was kept content and distracted thanks to the “bubble pillars”, and we got to meet a cute 5 month baby girl with HRHS in the waiting room.


After he fell asleep (he did NOT like the sedative), Mark and I walked around the hospital. Upon return, they were able to do the ECG and the pacemaker check while he was waking up. They said his pacemaker was working great, and that we wouldn’t have to have another pacemaker clinic till 6 months from now.


It wasn’t till around noon that we saw his nurse, a resident cardiologist, and then finally Leo’s cardiologist. Dr. Jaeggi said there was slight increase in the pressure from Leo’s PA Band (which is what they are wanting to see). Because Leo is on the smaller size for his age, they are wanting to wait a little longer before they perform surgery.


Dr. Jaeggi said he will book Leo to have a cardiac catheter in two months, to measure the pressures and oxygen saturations, in order to see if his heart is ready for surgery. And he believes that in three months that Leo will most likely be ready for his open heart surgery: the Double Switch Procedure, the Mustard, and VSD closures.

We’ll explain more on the surgeries later, but the Double Switch is both an atrial and aterial switch, the Mustard creates a baffle/tunnel in the heart, and the VSD closure will close the holes between the two ventricles. Pretty intense!

They said Leo is looking great, though, thanks to the band around his pulmonary artery which is both training his left ventricle and controlling the blood flow the lungs. That’s why he isn’t turning blue, and looks so healthy!


We also had time to visit with some of Leo’s friends in 4D, both with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Above is Leo with baby Ava who is back at Sick Kids (they were born around the same time in at Sick Kids together for a while. Ava is having a cardiac cath tomorrow to determine if she is ready for a very needed surgery! So please be praying for her! You can read her story here. Then we saw little Aleeda, who is still waiting for a heart transplant! She’s been waiting since last summer, and her mom has been living at Ronald McDonald House.

970466_10151492649328409_2120255606_nFinally, we made our return trip home… Two hungry parents and a groggy little baby.

Thanks so much for praying for us today! Definitely needed, and will be needing it even more in the months to come!


5 Comments on “Sick Kids Update :: Cath in Two

  1. That’s quite a day – you must all be exhausted!! And that oral sedative is horrible!!! We had to use that several times when Nate was a baby – so I know what you’re talking about!! Thanks for the update – we’ll keep on praying!!

  2. Thanks for sending the e-mail. You both have had quite a day. I bet your exhausted.

  3. Praying for Leo & these other dear little ones & their families!

  4. We continue to pray for you, your trips to Sick Kids and Leo. Now we will pray for Ava and Aleeda. Thanks for being specific about your needs and theirs, too. We get your info through our daughter, Elissa. We have been praying for your health, Mark. Please keep in touch.

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