A Speck Between Two Knots

Photo of knots from Google

The summer of my freshman year, my youth group spent a week at a cabin in Clearlake, CA. One of the pastors from our church, Kent Dresdow, spoke that week on “The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards”. I can’t remember everything that he shared, but I do remember a visual that he used: a rope with two knots.

The rope represented time, and the two knots, which were close together, represented earth. The first knot was the creation of the world, and the second knot was the end of the world. The rope ran from where he was speaking near the cabin, all the way into the lake, to represent eternity. Kent told us that our lives on earth were just a speck between those two knots, and that our time on earth is truly short in comparison to eternity! I think his point was to impress on us the importance of spending our time on earth wisely and for the glory of God (soli deo gloria).
I’ve thought a lot about those two knots since then. Lately I’ve been thinking about a tribal person’s time between the two knots. How short life is, and how little time we have to get the gospel to him before his life is over! The Lord has given us, the church, a huge and important task of taking the gospel to every ethne on the planet! His desire is for every person to spend eternity with Him, but if no one goes to a tribal person and tells him about Christ before his speck on the two knots ends, then sadly his eternity will not be spent with the One who created Him and sent His Son to die for him.
It’s saddening to think that “70,000+ people die everyday in the unreached world without Jesus” (Baxter 2007, 12). All of those lives that will be spending the rest of the rope away from the Lord! I just wanted to share this to not to dishearten you, but to encourage you to pray for “laborers”! The harvest sure is plentiful, but very few are going to harvest where it is desperately needed. Please be in prayer for those that are unreached!

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