Leo in London

Today was Leo’s first appointment at the hospital in London, Ontario, since I was pregnant.  We were very thankful for the beautiful day to be driving down, as we received a lot of snow last night!

This morning Leo had an ECG, an echo, and a pacemaker clinic. Our cardiologist, Dr. Welisch, was very happy with how he was doing. His oxygen sats were at 99 (woohoo!) and there were not signs of any leaky valves (thanks to the holes he has in his heart).

His pulmonary artery band (PA Band), which is essentially training his left ventricle, is doing it’s job. The pressure in his pulmonary artery has already gone up to 60. When it is around 90 to 130, which indicates that the left ventricle is strong enough to be switched with the right ventricle, they will begin to discuss whether they should perform the Double Switch operation, or remove the PA band. When we asked how long that would take, our doctor said she knows a girl who didn’t have surgery until she was 8 years old, but that more likely it would happen within a year from now.


So we are back home, with an extremely tired baby, and since Leo has good sats and was not blue or grey, our next appointment is with Sick Kids on May 15th.


3 Comments on “Leo in London

  1. Hi Lauren &. Mark
    Thanks for the update. It was encouraging news. God is so good. We know many people praying for Leo,

    Had a great weekend with you. Anytime you want to come down our house is open.
    Love Ya
    Grandma &. Grandpa

  2. Such great news! Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, I wouldn’t have guessed that you would be in London! Leo looks wonderful and I’m so happy he’s doing well.

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