Here’s What’s Up


Lauren’s parents and sister came to visit us from California last week. It was so nice to have them around! We were even able to go on a date!

For the past six weeks plus I’ve had strange flu-like symptoms. It started a few days after Leo’s birth and has continued to make my life interesting.

After nine bacteria and virus tests, six tests for various other illnesses, blood tests, several x-rays, and ultrasounds they ruled out the majority of “traditional” causes (i.e. the flu, common cold, pneumonia, kidney stones, etc.).

Last week I went to Owen Sound to visit a specialist and he informed me that the ultrasounds showed a growth polyp on my gallbladder. I have to do a “cleansing” on Tuesday and then I’ll have a day surgery this Wednesday to investigate what’s going on.

I have to say that this time has brought me closer to God in depending on Him. It’s also made me really appreciate the support structure I’ve found in Lauren and the Body of Christ as a whole. You have all been so wonderful in your prayers and encouragement.


Happy Grandparents!

If would be wonderful if you all could continue to pray for me in the time ahead. We are praying for answers and for energy for myself. I’ve continued to lose weight and have grown more tired as the weeks have gone by. I would also ask that you pray for Lauren in this time as well.

Just some news from a sanctified sinner,


One Comment on “Here’s What’s Up

  1. WOW! Grandpa and I will certainly be praying for you regarding this situation, also Lauren. I’m sure things will work out fine. Keep us up informed how the surgery goes.
    Psalm 46-10 says “Be still and know that I am God”. I love this verse, as it tells us that God is in control of all situations in our life.

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