The Beauty of Lacking

I just tweeted the question, “How much more do those without appreciate that which they lack?”

This question has been on my mind a lot lately because for the past six weeks, I’ve had a weird sickness that hits me around six o’clock each morning and lasts till around twelve. Weird, right?

Did you know that the Lord can teach you even in times when life seems unfair? The Lord has brought me closer to Himself through this situation and has been pushing the above question on me so much.

What I have is mild. There are so many people out there with chronic illnesses that make my pain seem like a holiday; and this has led me to just realize how amazingly lucky I am.

And the craziest thing! All I can think about! All that’s on my mind is the people who choose to not appreciate the gifts they are given. Ask someone with cancer if they miss being cancer-free, ask someone in a wheelchair if they wish they had their legs, ask someone who made a stupid choice and lost their freedom if they could go back and change that decision, would they?

The statement has been made, “If people in hell could become missionaries…”


This reality makes me thank the Lord for the last six weeks. I’m thankful for my wife, for my son. For the hundred different ways I can read, in my heart language, about Jesus’ gift to me. It makes me want more than ever to cast my life before the Lord and say, “I’m weak. I’m feeble. I don’t have a lot of gifts to bring to the table, but Lord I give you my life. Please take it and use it however you can.”

Till every tribe has heard or Christ calls me home,


2 Comments on “The Beauty of Lacking

  1. Hi Mark & Lauren
    Great message, and so true. We don’t THANK the Lord when we have a situation brought into our lives. The Lord sometimes gives us trials to bring us closer to HIM.
    When we give every situation, including what you both have been through, and ask the Lord to use this situation to glorify Him, we have that inner peace that ony He gives us, It’s amazing what people notice. I experienced this situation when Grandpa had his heart attack. I was so at peace waiting in the Emergency room by himselt (for over an hour) not knowing what was happening. I remember when they let me come in to see Grandpa one of the nurses that took me to the room said “you have been waiting for awhile and seemed so calm” That’s when we have the opportunity to share.

    Love You all 3
    Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Dear Mark and Lauren,
    It is lovely to see this photo of yourselves with little Leo. We trust he is making really good progress.
    Lynette from PNG

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