He’s OK!

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He’s OK!

I can’t say how relieved I am to see his heart rate at a stable 130. I was so shocked, in fact, that when we first walked into the room and saw Leo I had to ask the nurse if it was him. The monitor just seemed too good to be true.

The sweet little guy is sprawled out comfortably under a warm incubator with a disk-like (double chambered) pacemaker in his abdomen, tubes for feeding, breathing and cleaning all over him, and wires to constantly monitor his beautiful little heart.

You know it’s amazing to me to think that God loves this little guy more than me, it really is come of those things I’m just going to have to take on faith because I just can’t help just being totally aw-stricken by how much I love him. And I hope that everyone who reads this realizes that the same God who loves and cares for Leo more than I ever can, is also in control of all the other difficult situations that we all face.

My parents were able to come up and help us in the waiting-room today, they also brought us some food for the next few days. That was so encouraging!

I know a lot of you have expressed this same opinion to me before but I am just so blessed by the support system we have in all of you! Neither Lauren nor myself could imagine going through this alone. After I wrote the last update, “wow”, I got so many encouraging messages from all of you. I know I brag on you a lot but you are so amazing! Please keep the prayers coming because we’re really feeling the encouragement.

Thanks again, we love and cherish you all so much!

Some more thoughts from a tired yet encouraged new dad:


Mark : D


21 Comments on “He’s OK!

  1. Oh, I”m so relieved – I love hearing what you’ve written – tears just welled up in my eyes and my heart just – well, overflowed. I didn’t realize you’d posted previously – I’ll go check – I’ve been watching FB. Big, Big, Sigh and gratitude to the LORD. Wow. Hugs from us both!

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Today – especially for little Leo’s beating heart – and two very relieved parents! HE is GOOD, ALWAYS! Thanks for the updates! “Great Aunt Jo”

  3. Dear Mark and Lauren and little Leo…….Praise the Lord for His love and care for you. May you sense God’s peace, love, and strength as you trust Him with this new little life He has entrusted to you. Praying for you all. So glad the surgery was successful….your little guy is already a trooper! Little Leo has the best Daddy and Mommy. love and hugs

  4. Congratulations Mark and Laureen on the safe arrival of your little boy. Have been thinking of you three throughout these past few days. I am so blessed to see how God is working in all your lives through this time. I will keep praying for you three has you still have many hard days ahead of you. I am so glad things went well for leo pacemaker. Miss you all around here at new tribes. Praying for you three.
    God Bless
    Karen Emke

  5. I am a friend of Kristina D. I have been praying fervently and with my full heart believe that God has been with your little Leo, as well as supporting your family through every second of his life since the day of conception. God has chosen you and Lauren to love and care and encourage and everything!!!!! Although I have never met you and may never, I want to say I can testify to the amazing beginning days of God’s presence in Leo’s life. He has been born for greatest in the KIngdom of God. Just as God has gathered people of prayer this time, He will be placing the right people, in the right places, at the right times. I counted it joy to be called into a high tower of prayer on behalf of your family and to bring Glory to God. Blessings on your future as you continue to bring Glory to our KIng. He is worthy of our trust and our praise. Congratulations Mommy and Daddy, enjoy watching your son grow up into the man of God he was created to be.

  6. Everyone here in Maypearl is praying. The church, the school, and there are people overseas that I am friends with praying. I have posted pictures of Precious Peanut at school and everyone has fallen in love with him. We love you tons!!!!!

  7. Praise the Lord! Yes, he does love little Leo so much, as he loves you two! I’m so glad to hear how well the surgery went. Continuing to pray, Cherri Williamson

  8. Mark and Lauren,
    We are just so thrilled to hear the way God has been taking care of you this week. So great to hear Leo’s heart is beating in the normal range! Yes it so amazing and sobering to think that God loves us even more than we can love our children. I remember Randy saying just before we had Austin, how was he going to love him just as much as we loved Emily, our first? Yet we love them so much and so fully once we meet them.
    You will continue to be in our prayers!
    Marlene for the Fitch family

  9. I couldn’t help but cry when I heard how well his heart is doing. God is so full of amazing things that overwhelm us and yet shouldn’t. Praying constantly for you and can’t wait to see you. Love you and praying for you and your little Leo.

  10. That’s such a relief – thank God he’s doing well! It seems you have a real little trooper on your hands. : ) Thanks for the update. We’ll keep on praying for all of you.

  11. Hi guys, just catching up on the blog… been in the hospital with Rachel :0) Peter and I were talking last night about the exhaustion that we can’t really describe to people. It’s not just the lack of sleep or the stress exactly, it’s this weird thing when you are juggling the medical stuff on top of everything else. Trying to keep things straight, figure out how to be the best advocate for your child, make decisions, give it to God, keep others informed, trying not to worry, … it’s so hard to put into words. We want you guys to know that it’s normal and that it is hard… harder than I can say. (But you are learning that at this moment). It does get better in many ways and that hardest times seem to come in waves. Things that have helped us the last 18 yrs… (yes, Rachel was in the nicu when she was born :0) ) First of all, your life with Leo, and any other kiddos that you may have, will be it’s own unique thing so don’t worry if the normal “rules” don’t apply or work for you. People still question the way we do things but we know we just have to do what is best for our family. God made us a family on purpose and He guides us through it all. Secondly, and most important, God will not give you more than you can handle. We can say that with complete and total confidence! There are times when we have conversations with God about that and there have been times that I personally have said to God, “remember I am human… I am so overwhelmed” He ALWAYS give us what we need to manage what He has put on our plate. Please know that Peter and I are here for you anytime you need anything at all.

    Lots of love-
    Peter and Bekah

  12. oops, I forgot something rather important…

    It’s so worth every moment!!

    I’ll blame my brain fog on to much Hospital this month :0)

  13. Such wonderful news! Thank God for His blessings on you and your family, especially Baby Leo and the medical professionals who are using their God given talents to make miracles happen! God bless you all!

  14. Continued prayers for strength for you all and prayers of thanks for all God’s blessings for your family..

  15. Marc and Lauren,
    We don’t know you but we learned about you via Erwin Warkentin’s blog. We are so thankful to God that your little Leo has come through the operation well. My husband has a pacemaker for a slow heart rate but he had his installed in his 60’s not his first week of life outside the womb! We have been praying for the three of you and will continue to do so. We trust you will be able to hold Leo soon.
    Your in the bonds of Calvary love,
    Bill and Lynette Cottam from NTM PNG

  16. Hey Mark & Lauren,

    We are so encouraged by the news of how well Leo is doing. We have been following you blog and getting updates from Shanelle as well. We have been praying for you guys and will continue to do so as you eagerly await the day you can take Leo home! Thanks for your candid updates. Love the picture of dad and baby looking at each other. What an awesome God we serve.

    Jeff & Ashley V.

  17. Congratulations we are so happy for you all and so glad to hear the news and how God is working already in Leo’s life. WE continue to lift you all up in our thoughts and in our prayers

  18. Just came out of the tribe and have been checking out your updates. Kristina told us about what was going on, and we’ve been praying for you tons! There is nothing like the love of a parent for a child. Your heavenly Father is loving you guys and strengthening your faith in Him during this time. One of our fav verses lately goes something like this: He arms me with strength and He goes before me, making my path straight. It’s not exact wording cause I don’t have my Bible handy. Sorry. We will be thinking of you all! Enjoy little Leo! Praying for all 3 of you!

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