Leo Update ~ Coming Soon…

Well we got up at 4am yesterday morning and made the long trip to Sick Kids in Toronto. We actually managed to make good time and arrived well before our appointment.

We received good news from our fetal echo – that Leo’s ventricular heart rate had gone back up to around 58 to 60 bpm. So thankful that the medication is working! When we met with our cardiologist, Dr. Jaeggi, he said we would like to move up our C-Section date to next Monday or Tuesday. That was a surprise, but I think a surprise that we are both looking forward to. He said he doesn’t want Leo to be in there for much longer. Dr. Jaeggi also that immediately after Leo’s birth he would be put on an IV medication to increase his heart rate (as right now that is what my medication is doing) and taken to the Cardiac Critical Care Unit at Sick Kids where he would be monitored. He will also be putting in a pacemaker very soon, if not the day of the C-Section, then within a few days afterwards. He booked us for an echo on Monday at 8am to check up on his heart one more time.

After our visit at Sick Kids we crossed the street to Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Special Pregnancy Clinic where we had another ultrasound to check up on Leo’s growth and BPP. Nothing of concern showed up, so we met with one of the OBs to discuss the new birth plan. The OB we met with was our least favorite one there, so our appointment was a little frustrating for us. He wanted to keep our original C-Section date, but he finally called Dr. Jaeggi and after talking to him, he booked us for a C-Section on Tuesday, November 27th at 11am. He also said he wants to see us again on Thursday. Yes, two days from now. Not looking forward to that, but we understand that it probably is important to make sure Leo is doing okay. Just discouraging to hear we have to return to Toronto again before Monday. (We sent some e-mails to both of our nurse coordinators to ask another OB and Dr. Jaegi if they believe that appointment is necessary). The OB also said if there are signs of Leo not coping well, then we might have a C-Section on Thursday. Or Friday. Or Saturday. Or Monday. Or Tuesday. It’s a little frustrating not being able to plan even a C-Section, haha. We at least know Leo will be born on Tuesday, if not before then.

While we were waiting for Lauren’s prescription order to be filled, we walked a few blocks over to Chinatown to eat at our favorite Dim Sum restaurant for next to nothing. We then meandered our way through the shops and went to Kinsington Market where we bought some halvah as a snack. So good! It was so nice to be able to spend some time with just each other to relax and just talk. After we picked up the prescription we began our trip home, stopping for dinner at a restaurant that someone had given us a gift card to. What a nice treat not having to cook supper! Thanks to whoever gave us those gift cards!

We would ask for your continued prayers and support at this time and I hope you all realize just how thankful we are for the encouragement you have all been to us. Please pray for our emotions and courage this month as we look to bring a new life into this world to breathe his first breath. I would also ask that you pray for patience for myself, Mark, as I can get very frustrating dealing with the changes in dates and plans, and the dealings between the two hospitals.


  • Leo’s heart rate returned to the 60s.
  • We were able to have an enjoyable time together in Toronto.
  • One of the OB fellows was able to put an ultrasound video of Leo on a USB drive for us. So awesome to have! Feel free to come on over to see it! We’re trying to find a way to share with family and friends far away.


  • That if we have to go back to Toronto on Thursday, that it won’t be stressful and that we’ll have time to relax between now and then.
  • That we would finish off the school year strong. It’s easy to slack off knowing that we’re going to be missing so many classes these next few weeks.
  • We are trying to request to have our favorite OB, Dr. Ryan, there to perform our C-Section instead of the one that we met with on Monday. We know that it’s only a 20 minutes procedure or so, but we both feel so much comfortable with Dr. Ryan than the other guy.
  • For Leo as he will be arriving two weeks before his due date, and that there won’t be complications with the function of his lungs and heart.
  • For both of us as we prepare for Lauren’s surgery and for Leo’s surgery this coming week. That God will give us patience, wisdom, and His peace.

4 Comments on “Leo Update ~ Coming Soon…

  1. Oh wow, that is alot of changes. I will so be praying that you can have Dr. Ryan for your c-section and that little Leo copes well. Hopefully you don’t have to go back on Thursday either, but I will so be thinking of you and your c-section on Tuesday (or whenever) and I hope that you are still there when I come so that I can meet all of you!

    Sending lots of love and prayers!

  2. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers. Praying for your health, your patience, the strength and expertise of the physicians and nurses who will be taking care of you and your sweet baby boy. God bless.

  3. Mark and Lauren, we just heard about little Leo and his heart problem. Needless to say, we are praying for the three of you. (I don’t know if you remember us: we met a year ago when we were visiting Durham. We’ve been serving in Indonesia since before you guys were born!) We have your prayer card up on our bulletin board — that will remind us to keep praying for you. I’m praying that “when anxiety is great within [you], God’s consolation will bring joy to [your] soul.” Ps. 94:19
    Barrie and Cherri Williamson
    “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you.” Ps 55:22

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