Leo Update ~ Fetal Echo #7

Before I forget, here’s the news from Friday’s appointment at Sick Kids:

Mark’s mom, sister, and her two kids went with me to Toronto on Friday. It took us 4 hours to get to Sick Kids! I feel like the more time we give ourselves to get there, the longer it takes. Anyways, Leo and I had a fetal echo at 10am with a wonderful sonographer who had been working at Sick Kids for 20 years! Pretty cool. Also found other there is another lady from “Indo” that works in that department.

Leo’s atrial heart rate was still at around 140bpm, but his ventricular rate had dropped to around 51 to 55bpm. There weren’t any hydrops or signs of fluid around his heart, so our cardiologist gave me a prescription for Salbutimol which is supposed to help raise Leo’s heart rate a little bit. The Shopper’s Drug Mart at Sick Kids was able to fill it for the weekend, they almost weren’t able to give me enough for two days, but they worked it out and were able to order some from the hospital that day.

Mark is driving me back to Sick Kids this Monday for a follow-up to see if the medication is working and if Leo’s heart rate has gone up. If not, I’m not sure what they’ll do. I forgot to ask, haha. We’re assuming they’ll want to move up the C-Section date if his heart rate doesn’t go back up, as we know they really do not want babies heart rates to be below 55bpm (there is a high mortality rate when there is no pacemaker).


  • Lauren was able to get three days worth of her prescription filled, so she didn’t have to drive back to Toronto between Friday and Monday.
  • Leo has been a lot more active since Lauren has been on been on the medication.
  • Met with a “finance guy” from Sick Kids who works with international patients, and he said he’ll be dealing with our insurance directly since I’m a student. SO nice, and such a time-saver!
  • Got to see Tania and baby Aleeda again (one of our former classmate’s sister and niece)! Please keep them in your prayers, too, as they are on a waiting list for a heart transplant.
  • The pictures from last week’s MRI were e-mailed to us last night!


  • Lauren has been pretty shaky and jittery, having heart palpitations, and a difficult time sleeping since being on the medication. Just prayer for rest, and that she’ll also be able to get over a cold she has had for the past week.
  • That Leo’s heart rate will move back up to the 60s at least.
  • For safety and for moving traffic on our drive to Toronto on Monday.
  • That whatever happens on Monday, that God will give us peace and the ability to make wise decisions.

Thank you SO much to all who have been praying for us and little Leo. Only two weeks (or sooner) to go!


4 Comments on “Leo Update ~ Fetal Echo #7

  1. you are contantly in our thoughts and prayers even our 3 kids. WE will continue to pray for wisdom and discernment and peace and healing for all. And that Lauren will also get much need rest and peace. With much love thoughts and prayers

  2. Oh Lauren, he’s so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes! Sorry to hear that his heart-rate had dropped, but hopefully the Salbutimol will help – I just realized that is Ventolin, like people take in a puffer for asthma… who knew.

    I can’t wait to meet you guys and Leo in just a few weeks, and now i can hardly wait for my MRI pics!

    God Bless!

  3. This is an awesome picture, Leo looks great. Hope the mediction works, we are keeping your family in our prayers.

  4. My daughter noticed that it looks like Leo himself is praying along with us! He is beautiful!

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