Leo Update ~ Fetal Echo #6 and MRI

Mark’s mom and I left for Toronto at 4:30 this morning, and traffic was moving the entire trip, so we made it to Sick Kids at 7:30am, woohoo!

The MRI began around 8am. I donned my first hospital gown ever, and was taken from a friendly waiting room with spaceships and colorful lights to a white and bright room that looked it was from an episode of House or some doctor show (where the doctors are all working and talking behind the windows). The nurse was really nice and made sure I was comfortable, had me sign consent forms giving them permission for research, gave me a set of earphones, attached something around my belly and back, and then I was slowly put into the MRI machine. I felt like a sock being shoved into a toilet paper roll or like I was a parent inside a really tiny McDonald’s play house tube. Good thing my stomach wasn’t any bigger! I thought I would be able to nap, but no one told me how loud MRIs were! Sounded like a tornado siren or smoke detector going off around you whenever pictures were being taken. Leo even reacted to some of the sounds, haha, but they told me the amniotic fluid protected his hearing. Let’s just say, I was thankful and very antsy when the MRI was over, and hopefully I won’t have one again. The nurse said she was going to e-mail pictures from the MRI, and that we won’t find out results till later.

The MRI only took an hour, so we registered for our fetal echo early, and they were able to start the echo at around 9:45am instead of 10:30am. Afterwards, our wonderful cardiologist, Dr. Jaeggi, said that Leo’s heart rate was staying at 60 bpm and that if it remains that way, he most likely won’t need a pacemaker immediately after birth. He still wants me to come back every week to make sure nothing changes, so I’ll be returning to Sick Kids next Friday. While we were heading out he asked/told the front desk to wave all of his physician fees for us, so all that we will be billed for are the hospital fees. How awesome is that? Have I said how amazing all of the staff at Sick Kids are?

We then went over to Mt. Sinai for an ultrasound and then pediatrician appointment. I stepped on the scale for the first time in a while, and discovered I weigh 70 kilos. I’m beginning to see why pregnant ladies don’t like scales.

The pediatricians were able to meet with us around 12:00pm instead of 2pm, so we went in to meet with them. They are so nice, and pretty much explained what they would being doing after Leo is born, and all of the different scenarios. Basically, after Leo is born they will take him to the Resuscitation Room where they will stabilize him, and if his heart rate is stable and over a certain rate (can’t recall), they will let me hold him and feed him before they transfer him over to Sick Kids. If his heart rate is low, they will start an IV line on him, begin a medicine that would increase his heart rate, and take him over to Sick Kids right away. If he reacts to the medication, and his heart rate increases, then we would most likely be able to go home. If the medication doesn’t work, they would look for another way to increase his heart rate, and then consider putting a pacemaker. They said we would most likely be home by Christmas.

We had our ultrasound soon afterwards, and the RN looked at Leo’s growth, Dopplers, general well-being, etc. It was funny, because she didn’t realize that Leo had a complete heart block so when she was checking his heart rate she froze, then said, “I’ll be back” and left to go get an OB. She thought he was suffering from fetal bradycardia, but the OB came in and explained everything to her and showed her how to tell the difference, etc. The OB that came in, Dr. Ali, was the nicest OB I have ever met and Mark’s mom and I were so impressed with him. He was so friendly and so funny! After he finished getting all the information he needed he said, “Want to see something cool?” and pretty much let us look at Leo for a while. He recorded a video of Leo opening and closing his mouth and sucking on his umbilical cord whenever it went by his mouth. It was so funny! He said I could bring a USB thumb drive next week and get the video! (Stay tuned!) He found out I was an international student, and was really confused as I was white and spoke English (had to explain that I was American). When we were checking out, he had talked to the other OB and they told the front desk to wave the physicians’ fee for us! Our social worker had already managed to wave the hospital admission fee for now, so it looks like today’s visit to Mt. Sinai will be pretty affordable.

We were able to leave the hospitals at 1:30pm today! I think the earliest we have ever left Toronto, and it was so nice as we were able to get out of the city before rush hour hit. So overall, we had a really enjoyable trip to Toronto today, and things are staying pretty good for Leo so far. Only 3 1/2 more weeks till he arrives!


5 Comments on “Leo Update ~ Fetal Echo #6 and MRI

  1. OK – I finally get it! You are an American, I couldn’t figure out why on earth they were charging you for your visits. But that is such an amazing blessing that they waived your fees today! And then when Leo is born, will he be considered Canadian and all his medical fees covered by OHIP?

    So glad to hear that his heart rate hasn’t decreased any more and that he is doing well otherwise!

    • Haha, yeah I’m pretty confusing to the hospitals, too. Leo will have OHIP when he’s born since he’ll be Canadian – SO thankful for that!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy day. Praise the Lord that the physician wavered his fees.
    God Is So Good. Looking forward to seeing you on the 13th

  3. Hi, we are medical missionaries in Ethiopia and we know Chuck and Marilyn. It is wonderful how God is working and answering prayers. I believe that your mission field in now in Sick Kids and your testimony will reach many for His glory. Blessings.

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