Leo Update ~ Fetal Echo #5

Today we had our 5th fetal echo so far during this pregnancy. (We’ve also had 9 ultrasounds to date). They are becoming pretty routine; I’m finding that I’m picking up on all the medical lingo, and I can probably do some of the measurements and heart checks myself, lol.

Mark’s mom drove me into Toronto today. There was a film of fresh snow on the cars this morning! Since the appointment was later, at 12:30pm, it was a breeze driving into town, and we arrived early for the appointment.

A cardiologist fellow did the fetal echo today, and after talking to her for a while I found out she was from Sum., Indo.. She is studying in Toronto before she returns back to the capital of Indo. It was so neat to talk to her about her country, and she shared how she was one of only twenty cardiologists (she maybe meant pediatric cardiologists), in the whole country of Indonesia! Crazy, eh? Especially since “Indo” has the world’s fourth largest population. She was excited to hear that we want to move there, and we laughed how it would be funny if we met again in the future.

While we were waiting for the cardiologists to write a report, our nurse coordinator asked if I would be willing to volunteer to have a 3D fetal echo (by using the new VMS™ heart analysis system) of Leo’s heart, which is something that Sick Kids is currently working on. Leo wasn’t in the right position for the 3D echo, so the pictures didn’t quite turn out, but it’s exciting that soon they’ll hopefully be able to see 3D images of the heart in that way.

After all of the fetal echos, we met with one of the cardiologists, and he said that Leo’s heart was functioning great, that he was active during the echo, that his heart rate stayed in the mid-60s, and there were no signs of any hydrops. Woohoo! Praise the Lord!

While we were at Sick Kids we were also able to visit with one of my friend’s sisters and see her little baby who has been staying at the hospital since the summer. Please be keeping her family in your prayers, as they are currently waiting for a heart transplant for the baby.

The drive home was beautiful, and we enjoyed watching the sunset in the midst of some small snow flurries. I guess winter is coming!

We will be spending all day next Friday in Toronto, beginning with an MRI at 8am, then fetal echo, another ultrasound, and then meeting with our pediatricians for the first time in the afternoon.

Thanks again for all of your prayers on behalf of little Leo 🙂


5 Comments on “Leo Update ~ Fetal Echo #5

  1. So glad Leo is doing well! And I’m curious… have you asked the cardiologists what taking little Leo to the mission field will look like? Especially with the probably lack of medical facilities available?

  2. I’m glad you had good news to hear! And thank-you so much for visiting with T. and baby A.

  3. Hi Lauren
    Sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday. You must be exhaused after a full day like that.
    P.T.L. that Leo’s heart rate has stayed in the mid 60’s and there is no signs of any hydrops.
    God is so Good
    Grandma & Grandpa

  4. I love you Hon! You are such a trooper and a true beliver! I do appreciate your notes and we both continue to pray for the whole family. Big hugs!
    Aunt P
    Peg & Chris

  5. Dear Lauren,Thank you so much for sharing the details of your visit. We love you guys and think of you often.
    Peter & Elaine

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