Health & Wellness Class

Only 48 days left till we graduate! Things are getting pretty busy around here, as we are preparing for a baby and working on finishing up the school year.

Learning about snakebites, supplemented with a picture of a fasciotomy. Hopefully we will never have to do that!

A week ago we received a certificate for completing a course on International Health and Wellness. Faye Brown, an awesome nurse with 25 years+ of experience, came up from the States to teach us about immunizations, how to recognize infectious disease, malnutrition, anemia, snakebites, other bites, how to give ID & IM injections, check blood pressure, use an otoscope, etc.

Photo taken from a friend’s Facebook page

Learning how to check each other’s blood pressure.

Photo taken by JTI (

Our classmates had the opportunity to give and receive intramuscular and intradermal  injections to one another (don’t worry, it was only saline).

Overall, we really enjoyed the class and especially Faye, our teacher. Though our focus as missionaries will be on church planting, medical work is important to show our love and care for the tribal people, and to give those who are sick enough time to come to know Christ and understand what He has done for them. Lauren learned she probably won’t be able to handle wounds to veins and arteries, and Mark learned he can’t handle injuries/infections to the eyes very well. Thank goodness for teamwork!


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