Leo Update ~ Mt. Sinai

Yesterday Lauren went back to Mt. Sinai hospital for another ultrasound. Leo’s heart rate was at 66bpm, which is good because that means it hasn’t dropped anymore. He also seems to be coping well, is still very active, and there is enough amniotic fluid. Thank you for everyone who has been praying for Leo!

Leo’s most recent ultrasound pic in 3D.

Lauren also met with one of the Maternal Fetal Medicine OBs again, and was able to ask questions about the C-Section, etc. For now, her C-Section is scheduled for December 3rd at 11am at the Mt. Sinai Hospital, unless they need to move it earlier.

Next appointment is Monday, October 29th at Sick Kids for a fetal echo.


4 Comments on “Leo Update ~ Mt. Sinai

  1. What a beautiful face! Good to hear his heart rate is staying up. Jack, Jackie and I are praying for all of you, I know God has brought you on this journey and that He will supply all your needs.

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