Update on Baby Leo

Short and quick update for all of those who are praying for us:
Yesterday we had a routine appointment at the hospital in London. We had an fetal echo at 10:30am, that went for almost an hour and a half. Our paedtric cardiologist met with us afterwards and explained to us that they found another VSD (hole in the heart) which was small and that Leo has a Mobitz Type 2/2nd degree AV Block. She mentioned that this means he would possibly need a pacemaker in the future, though she didn’t know when. Our cardiologist wants to have an ultrasound on Lauren twice a week to monitor Leo’s heart rate and blood flow, to make sure that it doesn’t turn into a complete AV block or that fluid doesn’t build up around his organs.
We then went to our ultrasound appointment, where everything looked normal except for the Doppler readings (the bloodflow to the baby) on the placenta, etc. They weren’t sure if that was because of the AV block or because there was another issue. So because Lauren had an abnormal ultrasound they immediately took us down to the OB Triage and admitted her to the Antenatal unit. They didn’t want us to leave until they were able to figure out what was wrong. They did some fetal monitoring, routine pregnancy tests, and did some blood work, but afterwards we spent the night in one of the private rooms.
This morning we have met with a OB/MFM who let us know that today our doctors will be trying to come up with a birth plan for us.
They took some more blood to test whether or not Lauren is a carrier for Lupus antibodies which is what may be causing the AV block.
We are on the waiting list for another ultrasound to figure out why the Doppler readings are abnormal. This will determine whether or not Lauren needs to stay in the hospital for fetal monitoring, if we need to be transferred to a hospital in Toronto, or we can be discharged and Lauren can simply stay in the area at a friend’s house.
Lauren also had a steroids shot, and will receive another one tomorrow morning, to help Leo’s lungs develop quicker as they mentioned possibly inducing Lauren at 34 weeks (which is in two weeks – yipes!) at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto (which is closer to Toronto Sick Kids).
Anyways, this is what we know so far. Mark has to drive back to Durham tonight to return his parents’ car, and we are trying to find a place outside of the hospital for Lauren to stay at so we don’t have to pay for room and board at the hospital.
Thank you SO much to everyone who has been praying for us! We are tired and a little overwhelmed at the rate at everything is happening, but the Lord has definitely given us peace and we know He is in control!
If you need to reach us, you can text our cell phone or you can call the Victoria Hospital and they can transfer your call to the Antenatal unit.
– Mark & Lauren
Victoria Hospital, London, ON

11 Comments on “Update on Baby Leo

  1. I’m praying for you guys! I hope everything turns out ok. I know God has a plan and everything happens in His timing. Love you!

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  3. Hi Guys!
    We are praying for all three of you and have been for quite some time. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
    Love ya,
    David & Paula Q.

  4. “Lord we lift up Mark, Lauren and Baby Leo to you and ask for healing in this little one. We know that all areas of Leo’s life are in your hand and that there is a purpose for his life. Be with the medical staff as they figure out what is best for this family. Help this family in all areas of their lives. Surround them and hold them close to you. Help them to feel your presences more than ever before. We ask this in your precious name, Lord, Amen.”

  5. We are definitely much in prayer for you both, and little Leo, for you come to mind for prayer so often throughout the day! What would we ever do if we could not bare one another up in prayer to our great and ever faithful God! We commit you all (3) to His loving care and healing touch, for He alone is in control of all this!
    Kept safe as you are, under the shelter of His wings,

  6. Praying for you. God has a plan in mind for you and lil Leo. Love, the Cooks

  7. Praying for the best possible outcome. May God continue to give you peace and comfort throughout all of this. I know that little Leo is very loved!

    • Hi Mark & Lauren
      After your busy day yesterday we trust your feeling a bit rested today. We have people in our church praying for you
      I forwarded your e-mail to Dr Dan. (a pediatric surgeon) who is working in Africa (children’s hospital)….He said to tell you that he and his wife Dita are binging you both to The Lord everyday.
      I was sharing this with him before they went back to Africa and he said it was a serious, and that we have a GREAT GOD who performs miracles. That is what were praying for
      Love ya both
      Grandma & Grandpa

  8. Hi Mark and Lauren:

    You do not know us but we are friends with your dear grandparents Chuck and Marilyn. We are
    keeping your and your precious baby in our prayers. God is good and His timing is perfect and the depths of His love are unfathomable to us!

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